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Exam Preparation---Foodie

Its been really a very very stressful week. Timetable ain't pack. Everyday class were just minimum 1 hour, maximum 3 hour, but the exam, assignment, presentation and essay needs loads of effort. Either you stay back late (college) or you stay up late (sleepless night).

Mid term just pass and now finals is just 2weeks plus away from me. So that week i refill some foodie. To prepare myself and act like a "zai nv". You know when stress is here what do we really do? WE EAT! (hi 5!) I bought loads of junk! To make me feel I'm not fighting at the war alone. I still got "them". So sweet =)

Bought Yakult to increase my immune system and digestion.

Waffles cone for the ice cream. =X

Yogurt, Chocolate and Twiggies milk as if i got no time for breakfast.

Ham if i got more time for breakfast.

Coconut to cool me down as sleepless night will cause inner heaty.

Coffee to stay awake.

Nestum to make my milo more filling.

Instant Mi Sua as if i skipped my dinner because of study too hard. LOL

Opps, ignore that. Its a bunchful craps. But i wanna recommend you guys that, Marigold yogurt is the BEST besides Anlene. The fruit is more fresh and big. As what i had tried, Nestle, Dutch Lady and blah the fruit is like...soft. Means not fresh ( i think so...) and contains loads of colouring. Not healthy la like that!

Now this is my most hearted junkie. GRAPES! Yum yum~
Rm14 per Kg. Lmao after i bought mum told me is slightly expensive than the usual price. FML, learn to save pls!

Lastly, obviously we don't apply perfume after bath right? Majority i mean! So in order to let us feel refresh and awake us all the time, HERBAL ESSENCES is mua love! I smell flower all around. =D
Just like you are reading your book (thick as yellow pages) at the garden.
Another junkie post. FML.
At this moment: Im so piss with both of my lappie and sis ones. I cant do my assignment now. Lazy to tell why and its so complicated you wont wanna find out. I can blog but not typing my assignment. You say FML kaw anot? YES I AGREE! Philosophy essay and theater journal dateline is tomorrow. Congrats tiffie!




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