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Spell H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S

Lately me and Bu addicted to wake up early. I mean real early just for a satisfying breakfast. It bright up our day seriously.

Im bringing smiley face to class and he adding up energy to work.

Look at his still very sleepy face.

Hot milo kosong kaw (mine)

Ice milo (him)

Always that unhealthy him! I told him shit loads of time, less cold drink!!!

But i snatch his milo after that, mine is like tasteless. They did not do as i say, KAW lar!

Bu Wantan mee. Dionk dionk~the mee is so chewy but too will be better if the soup is more concerntrate.

But nevermind, this is not our aim for today. Main yummay is right after this!

Ta-daaaaaa~this is the BOOM-OF-THE-DAY!

A bread? Well, definitely not what you think it is that normal. At first when Bu told me while chatting on the phone that he ate this bread, is super crunchie until he cant forget. I was thinking in my mind "WTF, sure kua cheong!" but now i get to try and eat with his style MILO-DIP but the bread is still so crunchie! ZOMG!

The bread they use is normal thick bread. Slightly thinker than G brand. Why it is so crunchie? I guess is all because of they use charcoal instead of bread toaster.

Now my mind is full with this toast bread la! Shuuu~

Sometime, a breakfast with less than rm10 for 2 people could just bring you happiness easily. Is the way we both feel, a simple teasing convo, feeding each other, sharing the food that we think that is supa yummeh.

Then there goes a day...with love in the air =)




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