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Underdog Soldiers Screening

Again, Movie Preview Screening for Underdog Soldiers. Me like!

First of all have to thanks to Blup-Blup fr the ticket.

So who wants FREE ticket like me over here? Don't raise your hand or gimme wink wink.
All you need to do is to join this few Facebook page and they will give it to you FREE. Easy huh?

Cinema Online is like IMDB.
Main functions are as follows:-Showtimes

Besides. That's one more page you must not missed!!!

Hahah runs a campaign on a weekly basis with Cinema Online to give away movie tickets. In additional, Hahah not only giving out movie tickets, they have awesome rebate, discount for food and much more. You can save hell alot by using it. Go check out their website now before anyone grabs it before you.


Finally...CNY 2011

College is not treating me good recently and that's the reason of lacking of updates. I could die mann! LIKE SERIOUSLY! Yesterday i burst into tears for the first time due to overstressed. That's so abnormal because i don't see myself having stress that can last more than a day, it'll always gone from the minute I'm awake or with his sweet talk. Just...not this time.

People are all done with their Vday post and I'm still stuck in CNY. Bahah!

Sista bday at Feb 2 and oh well! She got her ang pow money double up! So it went few hundreds different with mine. Shytttt! She's becoming more pretty and matured. Isn't it? Heee~

Anyway she's 12 this year, so its still acceptable for Kitty as bday cake.

Dad bought this PSP Go ages ago, but he doesn't willing to spend on the ori game that cost hundred for one so he bought an ipad back with FREE games. LMAO! And now PSP Go finally can dl pirated games and he got addicted.

Note: Picture taken during reunion dinner at Nian 30.

Sis finally has her own preference on her own clothes. She got this so call taste, finally.

Coin meat! Yums~ it actually taste better than those in square.

When all meeting together. This is the way they spend their time and also ang pow money. Which i never ever do. I'm sucks at gamble but I'm pretty good at chor dai di...something that require brain, unlike "One love" or "21" or whatever they called.

Spot chocolate: yes the dog! So fluffy!

Last day of CNY before schools start. Sista sleeping look. I don't understand what's with the finger but oh well...she's really in deep sleep!

Next update: Bali trip, erm....v day? erm...

Hair Show Model Needed Rm250 for 2hrs Job

Event: Launching of New Hair Colour by Jap Leading Brand
Theme: LOVE

Date: Apr 12-13 or 19-20 (its either one of these two weeks) TBC
*must available one extra date for pre do hair (etc colour, cut)
Time: 8-10pm (or maybe 11pm)
Pay: Rm250 Payment on the spot, included incentive for pre do day.
Uniform: Provided
Make up: Provided
Heels: To Be Confirm
Pre Do Venue: Jalan Kuching
Actual Day Venue: KL or Damansara Club
Job Scope: Cat walk and pose
Lunch and Dinner: provided
Transport: Provided for certain location only.

*we will be giving FREE Hair Colour and Treatment each ONE after the show.

Height: Minimum 160 cm w/o heels, don't LIE with that!
Body Figure: Slim to Average
Hair Length: Minimum Medium /Shoulder length

*6 models: 2 for cut, 2 for colour, 2 for hair bun (stylist will select for you)
Cut will only cut a bit (we will inform you before we cut) because we wont take ur previous hair for a hair show. This is about trend, so we gonna touch up abit for you.
As this is Jap brand, we will not make your hair to green, red, blue that looks like alien, Jap trend is more to natural hair colour like what you saw in LIESE. So don't worry we will spoil your hair and you need to hide urself from friends.

*We will be selecting 6 models ONLY during the casting, for models who don't get selected will be given goodies bag worth of Rm200 including treatment hair care, make up and styling product. So do ask ur friend to apply this job as well as friends working together will be more comfortable.

Before applying this job pls READ this and double confirm:

1.  You are willing to cut (not gonna be too short) and colour. Others can be negotiate w hair stylist. And pls don't worry your hair gonna be fugly because its done by Japan's hair stylist.

2.  Confirm that you are free on 12-13 Apr and 19-20 Apr this 4 days because is either one of this two week the hair show will be held. Whole day require as we might worry for the pre do facing difficulties of ur hair colour is not vibrant. Tue is pre do for ur hair, Wed will be the actual working day. Actual working hours are only 8-10pm. If pre do is all done by Tue u will only need to come on 4pm on wed. If it's not u will need to reach location at 12pm for hair do. So pls double check ur time table for the time clash or arrangement.

* If you are facing slightly time clashing, pls check with me, i might can make a better arrangement. But pls make sure that you REALLY want the job, i don't want arrangement made and you FFK.


Send your portfolio to or call  012-6063955 for details
SMS strictly will not be entertain.
Subject: Hair Show (name) (hp number) (height)
Portfolio must included Name, age, weight, height, location, contact number and email, shoes size, clothes size, dress size, hair length, hair colour, working or related experience.

Full body pic, Half body and Close Face shot is Require!
*best shot with full make up will increase your chance to get selected because we are sending your portfolio to japan.
*DON'T send in your pictures taken with friends, i want ONLY SOLO picture.

V-day: Go boy! Go Kitty!

Tomorrow is gonna be a big day! Hell yeah~ for all the couple!
Any idea for Valentine's pressie yet? Well i do...*cough*













Ta daaaaaa~ hilarious!


I always thought that Kitty are for girls ONLY but but but i found this in one of the blogshop! Mamamia~

*pic credited to Fanny Sin*

Who know's your boyfie might be one of those kitty fans like us right? He was just too shy to tell ya. this...HAH!

Senjyu Japanese Restaurant at E@Curve

Whoop whoop! Happy Satur-food-day! CNY is gonna end soon, i don't have much to talk about because I'm emo about it. Hate college! Argh~ And i never felt this fat before seriously! I have to think twice before i order drinks. NOT FOOD! My face just like a ball, my thighs...holly shit! Too much of MC flurry and good food i guess =X shall stop...and its hard!

Went there for movie and I've been eyeing on this Jap restaurant since ages after they've been featured in some show for Vday. This happened quite sometime so I've forgotten the price and name already. Sowie~

Bacon pineapple sushi! Ichiban!

THIS! Never dies~ its chilled and fresh!
The red ones were scallop, and i found it not much Jap restaurant will served it.

Sashimi always love =D

See! Its not enough! We ordered again and we means 2 people only.

Some random set which serve sashimi rice and soba noodle. =0

I thought i never get bored with it, but obviously eating too much of raw food and rice hem!
I advice you not to challenge this. Unless, you really likes it TTTTTTTTM!

Second set : some shabu set with kimchi soup
I do have super bad memory!

again they serve rice and udon

Must order everytime i visit jap restaurant.

Jap style salad which makes people who don't eat vege finished it all. Not me, my friend lah. Imagine how good it can be...go try!

Ahhhh~ when its warm it'll always look more yummeh! 

Talk about its price...erm...slightly higher than sakae, ichiban and of course sushi king.
Price range are similar with Pavilion's Kampachi.
Environment and service are good.
Food: worth the try.

Chapter 1.6

Fresh from him. Received this one day earlier for monthsary pressie =)
Heart it much!!! Never thought that he would bought this for me, like seriously!
Its a charm, so in the future I'll be adding more and more to my bracelet just like a set of memories!
(self thought he will be buying more xD)

Here we go, round and round, back in one.
It was so close we are going  to loose each other That NEAR!
Every fight almost tear us apart, eventhough it meant nothing when we recall back because it was just some super duper small matter. I'm wondering, how could we make it to that BIG.

After every fight, we bring it back to conversation again and it makes us laugh our ass off cause you must be trying to do something stupid during cold war period or you confront about my cb attitude and i hafta recall back since when i had it on my face. And I'm surprise, you never feel ashamed to tell me what funny thing you did and I'm sorry i laughed at you (because I'm just too happy), from this...i knew that you put me before your ego, something that i barely could make it.Even a sorry, its hard for me.

I always have this thought "its better to loose your ego than loosing your loved ones" but when it really happened, this doesn’t stay in my mind!

We could be really sweet and lovey dovey and its so common for us. But once we are fighting, i cant stand it. Every word hurts like hell! (Can you hear me? You know i count on every single word!) Maybe it was me because i don't allow cooling period during arguments, i must fight till bleeding yet still fighting, people raising white flags i still move forward. Shoot me.
Can anyone tell me how you peeps overcome those moment?
How to cool down weih when im so hangat to talk argue?
He's been telling me this idea ages ago but i just cant...=(



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