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Chapter 1.6

Fresh from him. Received this one day earlier for monthsary pressie =)
Heart it much!!! Never thought that he would bought this for me, like seriously!
Its a charm, so in the future I'll be adding more and more to my bracelet just like a set of memories!
(self thought he will be buying more xD)

Here we go, round and round, back in one.
It was so close we are going  to loose each other That NEAR!
Every fight almost tear us apart, eventhough it meant nothing when we recall back because it was just some super duper small matter. I'm wondering, how could we make it to that BIG.

After every fight, we bring it back to conversation again and it makes us laugh our ass off cause you must be trying to do something stupid during cold war period or you confront about my cb attitude and i hafta recall back since when i had it on my face. And I'm surprise, you never feel ashamed to tell me what funny thing you did and I'm sorry i laughed at you (because I'm just too happy), from this...i knew that you put me before your ego, something that i barely could make it.Even a sorry, its hard for me.

I always have this thought "its better to loose your ego than loosing your loved ones" but when it really happened, this doesn’t stay in my mind!

We could be really sweet and lovey dovey and its so common for us. But once we are fighting, i cant stand it. Every word hurts like hell! (Can you hear me? You know i count on every single word!) Maybe it was me because i don't allow cooling period during arguments, i must fight till bleeding yet still fighting, people raising white flags i still move forward. Shoot me.
Can anyone tell me how you peeps overcome those moment?
How to cool down weih when im so hangat to talk argue?
He's been telling me this idea ages ago but i just cant...=(



#有些事还是说华语好,感觉表达得较贴切。半桶英文和华语,请笑纳 =)




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