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Kitchen Creatures at Centre Point, Bandar Utama

Again, this is one of the restaurant I've wanted to go since ages. Heard loads of people saying how good is the food, cheap and big portion too! Plus the fancy name, its makes me craving for it even more.

Fret not about paying for extra TAX which you'll get nothing at the end because they don't ask for any service charge here.

Chinese looking marble table

All kinds of table they have here.

Chamomile no like.

I seriously dislike restaurant that don't include pictures in their menu. It'll makes me stuck with the menu for 30mins! I need some picture, not imagination. So this is deffo good because they are showing all of their top hits too!

Some mee goreng

Beef stew Rm8
serving with loads of beef, which is a good thing also a bad thing.

Bacon Carbonara Rm11
Creamy not greasy. Just nice!

Chicken Shitake

Not a fans of Chicken, i ordered this because of the shitake. I'm a fungus freak! 

See! The prices are reasonable right? Go try!




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