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Tiffany Is Back To School!

After so long break (perhaps its not for only 1month more)
New semester is back again!!! I'm kinda not excited. Surprise!

yesterday night quarrel with that dumb ass again, i guess because I'm in PMS i take everything serious. All the little thing will stuck in my nerve even though it can be filter away. I hate him ruining my day! I cant sleep after the quarrel until we quarrel again and again...i get tired and asleep. That's a good idea too right?

Until this morning, i totally have no idea what's my timetable, they told me to check at the web portal but that's the old one lor. So i woke at 6am and reach there at 8am. Pathetic things happen to me once again. My FIRST class gonna start at 11am. WhooHoo~I'm stuck. No back up for breakfast since some pig promised me but still sleeping there. Miss Lonely went up and down the whole building and went online, oh~forget to mention there is Flee Market too, but price is so much higher than blog shop even they are selling the same thing. Maybe because of the rental.

Monday Bluezzzz

You can always see me dress up at least nicer at the first day, but the following day, stop dreaming. Every first is special for me, when used to it, imma just wearing flip flops, t shirts and shorts. Just like what i did when i went to night market. Previous college is sucks!!! If we wore slipper they will never let us enter the main gate or perhaps side gate. Luckily i drive in, that's why i skip that so-not-me rules.

The whole morning been feeling so uncomfortable and now i know why! My fringe! Its poking my eyes and its suffering =/

Thinking thinking...let it be or trim it back? Comment please =)

First class of the day was COMMUNICATION. Well, Miss Anna dint taught us much today but basic stuff. So 11am-12pm class i went in for 15mins, i came out. Oh no~I'm not skipping the class, is she the one that say "Class Dismiss" *winkie

Holy shit, my next class which also the last class is 12.30pm. It should be only 30min break now end up pop up another 1hour more for me to spend. I don't mind but please don't happen on the first day when i got all the things unplanned. Screw me!

End up i went to eat thong sui alone. Instead of wasting my credit asking friend what's their timetable, this is the best way =) clever independent me.

Time's up!!! Time for class. Its PHILOSOPHY~

That women attract me since the first step she walk in. Believe it or not, its true!

Mrs Parvinder Singh is a lady that full with "lui yan mei". She's no longer 20 or 30 but she snatch all little boy eyes away. Me too!!!

She ask all of us "Why are you here and why philosophy?"


and everyone cant skip that question, so its time for me to squeeze that organ which almost rust for few month. I ask my heart, then it tell me you are here because of the credits requirement to transfer. I ask my that rusty tingie, it told me because what i thought that it is gonna be useful and helping me in personality improvement. Why say so? Read it and you will found out.

End up, the answer given by student (few)

  1. To score my credits to transfer
  2. Learn to think beyond the norm
  3. Improve my thinking skill
  4. Etc...

Miss heard all of it, she said that we are brave. =O

They are few future scientist same class with me, so miss pop a question to them and wanna see how a scientist and philosopher answer it.

Question: If the tree fell in the forest, if you not heard it, would it make a sound?

Scientist " Fell the tree again and hear it again."

Philosopher " If we not heard it, there is no sound, if we did sure there is a sound." and etc...

The conclusion came out like this, there is no right or wrong in philosophy. Philosophy are actually the mother of origin all subject. Science are actually split from PHIL its because Scientist think that Philosopher always end up with no answer, right or wrong. So they want something more specific.

Philosopher never ever give a answer but arguing in thinking whether logic or not.

And now, I'm gonna praise you if you read from top to here. Its lame i know, I'm not a good message sender. But if you are in the same situation with me this noon, i bet that you will had a great time too. Like what you never realise what can philosophy did on your life. I think, it might help me to reach a level of god. Use different angle for your point of view and accept every single of it. Sounds tough~

Bubu starve his tummy waiting for late lunch with me again. I thought that we might could have KFC new love, Zinger Tower sets with Nachos. That cheesie stuff makes me drooling. But he said JOM PAN MEE. Aikx, i follow because of my annoying ulcer. Stay so long never leave. Damn charm!

Lo Hon Guo but it taste Eh Hem~more like leong fan lorr
I would never order this, its his choice. Tee Hee Hee~

Sucks taste he blame but still "please don't waste it."

My Favourite where ever, whenever

Warm Honey Lemon with extra LEMON (must)

Look-so-huge dumpling actually is just the coat of the surface. Inside...tiny ingredient like ants.

Kon Lou Pan Mee??? With Chili please~~~~~I'm aiming the egg!

Dry Curry Pan Mee

After the food, I'm fever again. In a sudden, I'm freezing! Its like WINTER in Malaysia. I blame that dumbo for spinning my head. If wasn't him spinning my head on Saturday, how come i will caught fever in the next and following day.

Its T day when PMS came. So it doesn't matter if its really his fault because everything will be his fault. Xoxo.




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