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Momo Hotpot at Sri Petaling

Holly shit. I'm really miserable right now. I just bought 2 ballerina shoes after lunch-ed at lot 10 new food heaven. Its nothing wrong if a girl shops like that but...after i bought it. Kent ask me, can i ask you a question? I said "what?" He said" you every time out you also but loads of shoes, but i never saw you wore it, where is your shoes actually?"

What a good questions. That i never thought of it in my life before this. So i use a minute to think about it i said "At home." That's the best answer i can give i guess. And now I'm thinking, why am i buying them and i do not wear them often or maybe 3times per year?

I bring them home and mum saw it I'm with paper bag with shoes box. There she go again...yelling my name and ask "Why you buy so many shoes and stuck inside the rack, the whole house is full of your shoes already and ours got less and lesser space! How many leg you got blah blah blah..."

I'm like...speechless. Honestly, i prefer buy heels/flats/slipper than clothes. Because when we are attending some party or outing, you never know what you gonna wear at till the last minute you only will figure out. So if you buy earlier, than you gonna buy again and that one you bought earlier may not have the chance to show up. So how waste is that. If you dot agree just shut up lah, what I'm doing here is just trying to make myself feel better. Leave me alone...

Went makan makan with Bubu at Sri Petaling Momo Hotpot. I saw it at the catalog and is stated highly recommend by Leong Tou the famous gourmet in Hong Kong. They had bitter gourd, tom yam, herbal and normal soup. So after some research through the net, i decided YES, we are going there.

Its located at KAM LUN TAI beside. Picture credited to google because i forgot to took it.

Look! I'm steamboating beside the beach. Lol~

They are doing promotion now so for this set is only Rm10 per pax, minimum 2 pax upon order. As usual, vege always come in the largest portion.

Something different. Instead of giving beehun they are giving some mee like what Asam Laksa give.

Bubu order this. Pork slice~wtf! It come in MOSTLY FATS which two layer of fats and 1 tiny layer of meat. Dionk dionk, i ate one slice only, the rest he ate it all. *clap*

Beef~hehehe, we SHARE lar. Its our FAVOURITE!

Overall it was fresh and don't stink.

I'm glad to own a big eater as my bf. Nyek nyek nyek~

He can sapu all the food, even when he's full, all you gotta do is feed him and he'll finished it.

Sorry for the PMS over emotional days Pooo, you know i don't mean it. I'm hot tempered and PMS making things worsen. But things seems going smooth now, I'm also glad that you got your patience as you promised. *smile sweetly*

Damn it! I hate my fringe loads loads. I wanna trim it but he kept telling me not to. Left, right, left...It hurt me and non stop poking my eyes! He don't want me look like a small little girl, he want me to look like previous (at least matured a bit) but he cant understand ITS PUKING MY EYE.

Ta-Daaaa~now i found my way! Its a old way but i never thought that it might look great on me too.

No more eye poking games!




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