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Sakae Sushi...Nom Nom Nom

After working, Bubu come to pick me up at Pudu and went to Pavilion for foodie again. Maybe influence by Ads, we went to Sakae after we heard it so many times from MYfm.
Before Sakae appear I'm in love with Sushi King, when competition pop out day by a they are still same. So Sakae appear and its variety is much more better and price is same with SK too. Then i get to try new stuff, Ichiban Boshi! Best of all~the set could be mix by your own, you want rice or soup or blah...just mix it your own selection.
Every time must had when dine in Jap Restaurant.
Baby Octopus

Scallop Sushi (half raw)

Fish Egg Chawanmushi ( my must had)

Hmnnn~too much farney looking food, cheese, fruit...sushi.


Guess he's to tired or might be too comfortable

Make sure you don't snore here. Plsssssss~

There the set come =)
Beef Steamboat Set

Comes with Raw Sashimi Tuna, Salmon, Octopus

Mashed Potato!!! This is delicious!

The soup we don't really like it. Too sweet, i mean its their style but it wast our style but so far still acceptable. Love needle mushroom much!

Beef the main main main love.

If not mistaken it call SABA fish, love the crispy skin with salty taste.

Green Tea Hot Water Refill Corner

Love never say sorry =)
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