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RM10 Addictions

We are MAD. We had continuously eating mamak food for don't know how many days and still we are still mad love and not even 1% bored with it.

Yes, its dirty! I don't mean that the food is not hygiene and surround by loads of flies but that place is...located at the car park area if a flat and the environment is full of cats and maybe flies. Compare to some better Mamak like Pelita and Murni...YES. Its much much much worst than them. Even if you still cant imagine...Well, perhaps you should pay a visit there.

Tri-colour Milk Tea

Roti Canai Kosong

Nasi Lemak Mata Kebal with Curry Chicken (his favourite)

Maggie Goreng tak mau sayur (my favourite)
FYI, its not that i don't love to eat vege, its because...i heard that they don't wash the vege there, so avoiding getting sick, its better to eat it there.

There he go, Mr Hunger from Africa

With less than 20 min all the food can be totally sapu finish by him.

Today, we went there AGAIN...
Same as usual, we order ...
  1. masi lemak with curry chicken
  2. maggie goreng
  3. chapatti
  4. teh-o ice
  5. ice kosong
  6. roti canai kosong

ALL COST for ONLY Rm10....Tee-Hee-Hee


Janice Phua said...

it's mata 'kerbau' right? I love maggi goreng too! same as you I eat maggi goreng with egg only cuz the vege is dirty and yuckzzz.



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