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Extreme Car Magazine Jan 2010

Found myself on magazine informing by Philip. Then i rush to the book store, no sign of it. Till now...

This shoot was actually taken at Nov or perhaps Dec...forgotten.

I actually never told my boy that I'm gonna accept this job. So end up when he find out this, he was kinda unhappy. I guess guys are ego. They dislike other man look at their gf so publicly. This is what he told me. But luckily, we are peace now =) He wont be that stupid angry me for this little thingie so long.

Shooting half way, started to rain. Tiny drops like face spray, and i was just standing there for 30mins only. Then Johnathan the photographer said its done. I was like??? OMG! He mean that he had got what he want. I was worried my picture will make me shouting when i saw it at the magazine because i don't really "INTO" that scene at that first few minute plus i dont feel like only work for 30mins for the paid they gave. So i actually demand him to let me "work" longer.

Okay...I'm 65% satisfied with this.
10% because that dumb fuck faded hair colour.
15% my not diet body.
10% face expression still flying no where.

Damn! Ignore my faded hair colour. I wanna puke also. My hair stylist was damn busy and i was kinda last minute. So end up SCREWED IT. I don't even had time to diet. FML. Food are always number one for me.


ITPinoy said...

I bet this car magazine sold out... You are really pretty. What's the name of this magazine?



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