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Even If The Sky Is Falling Down...

So baby don’t worry, you are my only,
You won’t be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
You’ll be my only, no need to worry...

You, getting sensitive since i started my class. We think too much, too far but we did not realise we lost part of the memory we had.

Since when you turn to be my drug?
Since when I'm your only selection for dessert?

Never understand why i will fall for you. It happen out of expectation. I told myself you're not my type since the first movie date. You told me you thought that you'll never get a "yes" from me.

Oppsie daisie, i might hurt you once, twice or more but i don't mean it. Sometime I'm screwed and i blame like shit, even it doesn't related to you, I'll just link you up as well. I crushed you in my palm of hand again and again. Maybe that's the way i named love. I'm so sorry.

That day, i look at you and said i got the wrong "stock". The picture i get shouldn't look like that. There you started to say it happen to you too. You thought i were 170cm long leg chic. Hoo-Hah~we both fell in the wrong one. Are we? We're not, because we scoop out this as a joke. We yell loud-ly blame hell-ly then we hug heaven-ly at last said sweet-ly "I love you". In fact i hate you fooling around with me but i guess that's the way you named love. Teasing me around and making me angry. Last, spending time to make me smile again. Owh~why love is so blind.

Discussion bring argument, laughter bring tears.
Round and round like merry go round.

Baby, if only you saw this. Every word that drag you to hell i don't mean it from the heart.
Baby, only if you knew it. Last day of the month is here and I'm waiting for my new issue magazine again. Since you bought me the first issue on November, I'm already demanding for all.

Only you.
I'm addicted.




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