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Tooth Fairy With Ballerina Flats

Jiang Jiang Jiang~Jiang! This the miserable flats that I've mentioned few post ago. Finally, i got to wear it out to show people that i do not only wear flip flops. The people I'm mentioning is Mr Kent. Today went out with him and i don't feel like getting question by him why always buy so many shoes but only wear flip flops.

Pinkish purple with Bow! Mua love~

Skin finally getting better now. Those day were SUCKS to the max. Using wrong stuff really cause big problem! Hey girls, let me tell ya. If your skin pop out 1 or 2 zits or kept continue happened. Please don't think that your skin is consider acne or prone skin. ITS A BIG MISTAKE! If you change your skin care range ALL to Blemish/Oily Skin Type. You might be regret like me. I did that too, and i just realised...I'm not suppose to. It cause more breakouts.

Wanna know why?

First you skin might just be combination skin which is only T Zone area is oily but not whole face. If you use Oily Skin product, of course it will control your oil secretion to the max. What gonna happen next? Our skin will need some of the oil to protect our skin layer and hydrates it. So when no oil, its in lack of water inside your skin. When this happen, it produce more and more OIL. There pimples, blackhead, whitehead all pop out on your used to be flawless face.

If you're doing the same mistake like me. Stop it! Your skin soon gonna be decortication. Then, no matter how many foundation you apply, it will looks cakey. Oh~one more thing. Please don't ever thought that T3 oil is great to reduce pimple. It will cause your skin lack moisture to the max because it dried up your pimple, it happens in the same time to your skin too. Except, your skin is superb OILY.

Movie on Saturday wasn't a really good idea. Especially when CNY is coming real SOON.

Pop corn seems hard to get too.

Awwww~i manage to get TOOTH FAIRY ticket. Neh neh neh bu bu~bad thing is my OLD DOG is a future tense or not gonna happen tense to me. Soon~i hope.

Let's imagine, the mighty THE ROCK as Tooth Fairy wearing ballerina costume? Muahah~

This the scene that he ate up some medicine to shrink himself. I thought it was the EDIT effect but now i know the fact is...that plush toy was really that huge!

She's the fairy god mother. Means the highest level among all tooth fairy. I like her since Princess Diaries. If I'm not mistaken.

If you really wanna watch this movie. I suggest you not to scroll down to read till the bottom.

Farney parts that makes me boom the ceiling and stamp the floor to holes. Its not really organized because i just laugh and i dint really remember all the sequence.

Scene 1-Best among all!!!
When he took the invisible spray, he turns to invisible and went in to the couple house to collect the tooth. So he was kinda clumsy and his wing knock all the decor down. The couple was watching TV, they get shocked and...the wife get fainted. Guess what? They thought it was GHOST! The man did even pray for it "please walk to the white light." LMAO.

Scene 2
In order to finish his tooth job fast. He bought his stuff from the black market. Stuff means the invisible spray, shrink pill...etc. Then he went to a women doorstep and took that invisible spray, he get half transparent and the women got shock. Then he was shock that why is it not working, he ate shrink pill again. His head turn big and small and eye pop out. That women call 911 ASAP and claimed there is an alien at her doorstep. All the police arrived and catch him back to jail.

Scene 3
There is one time he get sick of the task, then he
went in the house without invisible or shrink himself. He use a dust which will cause everyone lost memory. Sad case, he used it on all the family member. Last he did collect the tooth back, but all the family member don't even remember who is the one in the house. Wife asking husband who is he, and someone did even said "am i home yet?"

Another Tooth Fairy but seems more interesting. Its horror movie that release in the year of 2006. Downloaded it but still dare not to watch. Tell me...if you did.




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