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In The Way We Look At Each Other

That night, we were planning what to eat for lunch and he said Fish Head Noodle. I was like...Arghh~so i told him how bout Kenny Roger's. He said YES YES YES in very excited way. Just like a kid getting new toy from the parents. I said Pooo~KRR only worr what so happy? He said he never eat before. Eh hem~it was a bit weird for me.

So we talk and talk...suddenly he pop out a question. "Isit expensive?" LMAO. That guy go eat here and there never even see the price carefully before this now ask me this? WTF~and i don't think KRR decor is that "high class". Ain't it just like normal fast food restaurant decor? What is this guy mind thinking. Anyway, i laugh at him the whole night.

Next day, we went KRR. Surprisingly this outlet is full of Chinese worker, unlike others. You know, i always thought that Chinese will be clever, i mean "seng mok" here, will be more hard working and fair. (majority la) But this was previous thought of mine already. Don't feel like mentioning what they did, but honestly they are so blur while working. Not the way i like. Yes, you may say they are still teenagers but hello, responsibility is a MUST while working. Where is yours?

He prefer my non make up face, so do i prefer his not oily hair with wax.

While we start meeting each other until dating, if not mistaken i think its for the first few weeks. We were both well dressed. I'm fully make up and he's in jeans and thorny hair. Now end up, we were in dirty flip flops, unpainted face, T-shirt with hole, unstyle hair. It just look so big contrast but we both prefer the last one. I bet you girls had the same thought as mine too right? Masking everyday is TIRED. Its damn fun when you can actually spill out KNNCB from your mouth, sit with wide open leg, eat like a dog and he claim you're cute like puppy (even its a lie, you still sounds happy. LOL)

We transform day by day, worse and worsen, true and real.

They shrink the muffin!

Choc and Vanilla

Beef Bolognaise Spaghetti.
Taste just nice. Not too worse but way far from SUPERB.

Quarter Black Pepper Chicken with Mashed Potato, Macaroni and Cheese and Coleslaw as side dishes.

We were still princess and prince in each other eye. Even we look retard here to you. =D

Love might change
Love could change

From love, we might turn to a friend again.
From love, we might add in as a family in the future.

Love could destroy you when the time he said he don't love you.
Love could brighten up your day, even its only a "morning" he said to you.

Love is simple yet complicated.
Love is lovely yet cruel.




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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