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Do Not Judge a Book...

My first early morning class today- Communication. Bet everyone is having fun and surprise during the class. It was about self known, perceptions of others and your ideal self.

I'm amaze by what feedback i get and I'm mad happy. Can fly~

There were few categories and each categories got few options to select your ideal, self known, and others perceptions on yourself.

Category 1: Birds

Turkey, Swan, Chicken, Owl, Ostrich, Parrot and Eagle.

I select myself as parrot because I'm talkative, ideal self is swan and others perceptions is chicken because i kinda chicky without directions. Surprisingly 6 people in a group dint thought that i was a chicken. I guess wrongly bbbbbBUT they said i look like a swan. I thought i really "LOOK" like one because my nick was "duck-duck" when i was a kiddo. They said i have "this" elegant look. Whee~

Category 2: Dog

Doberman, Poodle, Husky, St Bernard, Mutt and etc

I'm a Husky (what i select for my self known) and they select me as poodle. Right guess cause 3 girls in the group was same being called as a poodie.

Category 3: Drinks

Milk, Wine, Champagne, Prune Juice, Beer, Hot Chocolate, Water, Juice

I select myself as Prune Juice because...anti oxidant! Wuahahah~means anti rumours. Some of them select me as Hot Chocolate giving me reason of i look like one =.=''?? , Champagne because i looks elegant.

Category 4: Colours

Black, Blue, Pink, White, Pink, Gray, Yellow, Red

I select myself as Gray because I'm always in between confusing area. They selected me as Pink, as what i thought because i always dress up in Pink. Red is because i looks Red? Fariz cant really describe it in a word but sentence "You looks like the girl who will get what you want." Wow~in short is it means motivated/ stubborn? Hahah~

Category 5: Animals

Turtle, Bear, Lion, Fox, Rabbit, Deer, Monkey

I kinda select myself as Monkey because i cant stay still at a position. What makes me shock is someone comment on me as a Fox. I thought Ian means I'm tricky but then he said because you are super cute. WTH? Impress huh?

There are actually 9 categories but 5 is already too long and bored for you all huh? BTW, I'm really happy with what they thought about me. My face lied. Syok syok! I ain't that elegant, ain't that cute, ain't that nice and positive. I'm lazy, good in attacking, sometimes bitchy and etc in negative.

Since they had good impression on me, so i guess I'll just full filled their wish by being good, really really good. Okay, time to relate with my main point. I saw someone copied my post and repost on her blog again and I'm not happy with it. RAWR! Why must it happen again and again? I guess is because i did not make things clear before this.

Dear readers,

I really cannot understand why you copied my post or maybe i do. You feel that my words hits your heart and you agree with it. Am i right? But honestly i don't like it, especially my emo post. I brain squeezing myself effing hard to make the sentence out and you? Copy paste!

I do repost someones post too but its from email forwarded mail and everyone knows it for god sake. Yes i do agree with some bloggers post too, they hit my heart deeply but i do not steal and repost without asking permissions. Since then, i never repost any of it till now maybe in future who knows. Even yes, i will definitely ask for his/her permissions because i can understand her feelings and her words is very own by her.

My words hit your heart, is it all then? Everyone had different feelings, and how can you use my word to express yourself? Don't you find that is kinda fake? Why not make your very own sentence that always own by you since you had that strong feeling deep inside? Public figure are happy with people spreading their quotes, following their fashion trends but I'm not one of them. I don't like imitations and spreading.

Last, if you tend to make me like one of those public figure, please be polite and inform me before that. Manners, you should learned before. And since you wanna spread please remember to put my link as well since its mine =)

Yes I'm vain and ego, i admit. You find yourself as the one I'm mentioning (i dont wanna list you out), action now what i stated above then. If not delete it. Or you just gonna leave it doing nothing, I'm going to act bitchy like what i did before.

Much Love,
bitchy nor friendly Tiff =p

Packaging Only

Went to facial that day and normally after facial session I'll forced myself to hide at home but surprisingly, my face is not that reddish that day. So i decided to went up the hill with friends.

FYI, i never been to Look Out Point after they build all the restaurant there. Curious...

The only picture without packaging in the whole post. hem'll find out later.
Once we reach, I'm amaze by this...also the first time i feel like "How good if i own a DSLR now..." so that i could capture this clearer and better. *big sigh*

Fml! Still cant capture the nicest clearest sunset.

There's like 3 restaurant there, one is gasoline and the other 2 i forgot the name. I went to the restaurant above Gasoline since its higher, i thought i might could have a better view there.
Up the hill it was just windy, seems like Genting is still the best!

Served with Salads and Garlic Bread

Mushroom Soup. Again that Garlic Bread.

Woots! Chicken chop with 2 big scoop of mashed potato.

Hows the food looks to you? Damn tasty right? Thanks to my snapping skill, HAH! I swear I'll never eat there again. Waiter there damn annoying and even its weekday i gotta share my table with some random people. What is this? Never mind, to me the price there is kinda costly. Perhaps not...but for food in this quality I'll just pay for its ingredient, not the chef skills. They got the look but not taste. I swear I'll eat at Gasoline next time. YOU~Shuuuu!!!

Forget bout that bloody food and put my eye to see something worthy.

If you come here all the way just for scenery without food. Well, maybe you still can try their drinks ONLY here. =)

Morning class on Monday =.=''
Nitey nite~

Love is in the air...

Again, more than a week history post again. bbBut~its a food post. FML. My blog never stop posting food, food and food. Guess you all were attracted by this. Hmnnn~

Me and baby bu love spicy sour food. Thai and Malay is slurrrrp~
We went to Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ.

Happily we saw a rainbow! We even stare at it for a minute. Its so rare to see a rainbow. Until i noticed its fading i only took my camera out. Not obvious but you can see it still if you try really really really hard.

Obviously its famous and the food is tasty enough to bring these crowds here.

He kept asking me whether can notice he had slim down or not. OMG! Like a girl la! But really he had diet for a week and the results is a little noticeable. Too bad he planned not to diet at weekends, so i guess the diet is consider failure.

My baby bu.

Me like blur pic =D

Manage to get a clearer one, but still the blur ones is my favourite.

Thai Chili Sauce with nuts inside

Fast enough, we don't really wait that long even though there is loads of people here.

Fried rice. Simple and nice

The must had in Thai Restaurant. Tom Yum Soup.
When they served it, i still can see it's still boiling. My camera also having sauna session.

Clearer look at the tom yum soup

My love towards Kangkung is what you can compare with my love to him.

Now you know how important is it?

Fried Prawn Cake.

There is loads of big chewy prawn hiding inside.

Black Pepper Crabbie for me...

And BBQ crabbie for him. Me no likey because he likes to taste the ori freshness.

The reasons i always failed my diet plan. We always order 4-5 pax amount but we only got 2 people in ONE table. Opps, not "WE" is "HIM"!

Ngek ngek~baby bu gimme his beloved parts of crabbie and removed its shells for me =)
I got bad memories with crab before. You had no idea what I've been suffer before this. It was a secret but since my teeth grew back, so i guess its okay to tell ya. =p

All of you should know that this is the hardest part of the crab right? When i was in form 1, i eat it without using any pliers, in short...i was trying to crack the shell using my "strong" teeth.

Prak! Yes, the shell is removed but then something hard is inside my mouth...FMLTTM! My teeth! FYI, it was a tiger teeth and everyone told me it cant be grew back. I cried for 3 days 3 night, no joke! Damn depress but after 3mths, i saw my teeth is growing again. Oh gosh~now you know why i never like crab? BTW, i haven't ate crab until this 2 years.

Fungry boy =X Look at his table!
Baby, apa macam dengan diet?

Very berry finally, we manage to finished it. Perhaps i could tell ya how's the taste for last 10 bites. We swallow instead of chewing. Damn! Money is hard to earn, no wastage please. Even if you earn it easily, you wont know when you need it and it might be out of your ability. Save it before you suck!

Guess how much is the bill? Rm 80+. Consider average aite?

One last picture with my baby bubi. =)

My boy tell me something which really makes me don't know what reaction should i give. When we was on our way home, he remember of something and said " Ya lor bi, last time when we pak tuo that time you also eat here with your family right? I still remember you sms me during the dinner."

Well, you see something? The whole sentence might have some grammar mistake or maybe none but it was translate from Cantonese. But this is not the point, the point is..."LAST TIME WE PAK TUO..." OMG, he says like we are married for now. IDK what is in this boy mind, maybe because i nags him alot and he already treated me as one of the "yellow face lady".

Boy, i know i nag like a machine gun but is all because of i care.
Boy, i might sounds unreasonable sometimes but you are the only one who i wanted to act like this with.
Boy, all because of love.

Menu Of The Day =)

Anyone realised this morning and noon is so jam compare to usual its kinda abnormal? I'm referring to Jalan Istana towards Federal Highway. As usual, at least it will moved but not today. I'm so shock! Till i hafta find loads of alternative road to avoid those jam! Today i went home like 4+ pm after class, again its jam! Wadafak? Its only 4pm man, how come it looks like 6pm already?

Yes, we gonna have a long weekend again based on the fact above. Tomorrow is WESAK DAY!

Planning what to do at your long weekend? Maybe some cooking tutorial here will helps =p

Meet my pan fried sour spicy fish serve with mashed potato and greens

Ingredients: French Bean, lemon, onion, garlic, capsicum, broccoli and dory fish fillet, powder mix mashed potatoes.

Opps. And some chilies too. (according to individual)

Cut the vegetables and wash it.

Prepare the ingredients before you fried them with the fish. The lemon actually need 2 tables spoon only but you can add more if you love sourly taste. And the chilies, please cut it to half to remove the chili seeds only chop it.

This is my way to defrost the fish. LOL. If you do it in the same way like me, please remember to dry the fish with cloth or tissues. WAIT! Not toilet / face tissues okay!
Lets begin~
1. Add oil in pan and heat it
2. Garlic and onion in the pan till the colours change a bit add the fish in.
3. Lemon juice add in
4. Chilies add in
5. Till the colour change to light brown, its ready to serve.

This capsicum is actually used to decorate only, please do not simply choose any of it when you saw it at the market. Besides fresh and pretty, you still gotta see the bottom surface of it. It needs to stand on the plate so it must be FLAT SURFACE. After wash it, use hot water to rinse it and cut it.

Instant mash potato mix is what i use to fill in the capsicum. Its very easy to do, just mix the hot water with powder and wait for 3min. Done!

While waiting the mash potato to be ready, boil the french bean and broccoli together till its soften. Not forgetting to add a little bit salt. Not over cooked please, later on you still have to saute it with butter. Butter amount as you like, some likes fattening food =p like me, i put almost half of the portion adding a little corn flour to make it concentrate.

Jiang jiang, its ready to serve =)

How much do all this cost?
Let me tell ya. ONLY RM10 per pax (including with the Sunkist Orange Juice)

Enjoy your weekends lovelies =)
Happy Wesak Day

Station 1 Cheats!

Its like ages i never been to Station One. Perhaps i could say i don't even go there once in a blue moon not even 3 times a year. I can say that i go Steven Corner more often than Station 1. They served superb Milo and fried pigeon. Please don't say I'm cruel! I dint even know it was a pigeon when i first ate it, my dad told me it was chicken. Baby chicken some more! Until i went Steven Corner eat my own, i only found that it was a god damn bird! FML~tasty tho =p

Guess everyone know what's the concept Station 1 use to advertise. In case you don't know, it is "Western Food that you can eat everyday." To shorten it means, SUPER CHEAP LA!

Woots. I'm drooling once i saw the menu. The foods look cheap and big portion. Kinda regret why i did not went there for ages...

Drooling...non stop. Cant even make my mind what to eat because i want it ALL.

Drink of the day. Hot Honey Lemon due to I'm in PMS status.

PMS shouldn't eat more, you know that? Because it will gain more weight compare to usual. Get me? So i order a Tuna croissant. Look at those Tuna almost cant fit in.

But when it came. My face was totally upset! I did not hide it, purposely show it to the waiter. Ahaha~my so called human rights. This is so damn different with the picture, i cant even see any tuna mannnn!

My another pool buddy order this. Chicken chop! I'll put my hope on this since mine end up like that. The chicken chop served with mashed potatoes, corn, salad and!

Eh hem hem...what happen to my super tempting chicken chop? The corn how come end up different? Where's all the button mushroom???

Okie fine. I never regret for not going there even just for yamcha session only. Now i regret why I'm here. But one thing, although the food comes in a different version compare to the menu but the taste was still ok. Try it if you aren't consumer like me that always blame at KFC's ads.

I know you got me =p

Skin79 BB Cream Hot Pink is Here!

Hey dearies =)
Sorry for the delay, just to inform that the SKIN 79 Hot Pink had arrived.
Now you girls pls don't rush me at mail, FB and Twitter anymore. I'm stressed and felt sorry for the delaying. =(

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Winter Warmers

Since when is the last job i worked for? I can't even remember anymore. Few months ago but the last photoshooting was last November for Extreme Car Magazine. Urgh! I kinda rejected few photoshooting jobs because of I'm lazy to diet for weeks just to get that one day paid, i got no confidence to show up in others camera and wasted their paid and is seriously busy shit!

I'm gaining weight now due to lack of control in diet. No job no worries =p. Plus my bubi feed me like how he feeds himself. FYI, he had huge diet. My 3 meals is almost his 1 meal. How can i not be fat? He ordered so much food every time we went out. And i just cant resist good food. Duh!

Now everyone is warned. No more food and popcorn session. Just swim, jog, badminton and pool. Full stop!!!

I thought i would be only eating during the holidays and will cut down after sem start but NO. Friends still approach me for food! Why!!! Now...I shall start my job 2 weeks later and for this week i will be diet diet diet!
Pls note this buddies. Rawr!

But now...I'm still gonna blog bout food post until it ends. FML~but hope you people enjoy =p

Winter Warmers *wink* located at Sunway and The Curve

I think my camera fell in love too. See all the picture it takes? All dreamy dreamy. OMG! Just like how's the owner felt.

All these are use to store the tea leafs.

Cute! Too bad i don't drink tea that often.

What's next when you got a nice tea box? Pretty cup =)

All the cups sho lady like. I'm in love with all these. Each of them!

OMG! OMG! This is mua favourite!

Eh hem~including this. Which girl don't like floral stuff? Majority i mean.

Orangie table cloth to match with the wooden decor.

This place is so cozy until you will feel that its like your home.

Fruit Cocktail.

With fresh fruit inside. Apple, lemon and orange.

Was thinking to drink some tea but then...ahaha, this suits me more =p

Baked pasta. Thumbs up!

The cheese is cheesie yet not greasy.

Forget whats its name. Some kinda fish fillet with orange sauce if not mistaken.

Finding some nice cozy place for dating? Or family gathering? This is the place i would recommend you. =)

BTW, I'm looking forward to try their 3 layers Hi-Tea sets. Tee Hee Hee. If you tried before, do leave me a comment tell me whether its nice. =) Thankiu~



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