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Love is in the air...

Again, more than a week history post again. bbBut~its a food post. FML. My blog never stop posting food, food and food. Guess you all were attracted by this. Hmnnn~

Me and baby bu love spicy sour food. Thai and Malay is slurrrrp~
We went to Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ.

Happily we saw a rainbow! We even stare at it for a minute. Its so rare to see a rainbow. Until i noticed its fading i only took my camera out. Not obvious but you can see it still if you try really really really hard.

Obviously its famous and the food is tasty enough to bring these crowds here.

He kept asking me whether can notice he had slim down or not. OMG! Like a girl la! But really he had diet for a week and the results is a little noticeable. Too bad he planned not to diet at weekends, so i guess the diet is consider failure.

My baby bu.

Me like blur pic =D

Manage to get a clearer one, but still the blur ones is my favourite.

Thai Chili Sauce with nuts inside

Fast enough, we don't really wait that long even though there is loads of people here.

Fried rice. Simple and nice

The must had in Thai Restaurant. Tom Yum Soup.
When they served it, i still can see it's still boiling. My camera also having sauna session.

Clearer look at the tom yum soup

My love towards Kangkung is what you can compare with my love to him.

Now you know how important is it?

Fried Prawn Cake.

There is loads of big chewy prawn hiding inside.

Black Pepper Crabbie for me...

And BBQ crabbie for him. Me no likey because he likes to taste the ori freshness.

The reasons i always failed my diet plan. We always order 4-5 pax amount but we only got 2 people in ONE table. Opps, not "WE" is "HIM"!

Ngek ngek~baby bu gimme his beloved parts of crabbie and removed its shells for me =)
I got bad memories with crab before. You had no idea what I've been suffer before this. It was a secret but since my teeth grew back, so i guess its okay to tell ya. =p

All of you should know that this is the hardest part of the crab right? When i was in form 1, i eat it without using any pliers, in short...i was trying to crack the shell using my "strong" teeth.

Prak! Yes, the shell is removed but then something hard is inside my mouth...FMLTTM! My teeth! FYI, it was a tiger teeth and everyone told me it cant be grew back. I cried for 3 days 3 night, no joke! Damn depress but after 3mths, i saw my teeth is growing again. Oh gosh~now you know why i never like crab? BTW, i haven't ate crab until this 2 years.

Fungry boy =X Look at his table!
Baby, apa macam dengan diet?

Very berry finally, we manage to finished it. Perhaps i could tell ya how's the taste for last 10 bites. We swallow instead of chewing. Damn! Money is hard to earn, no wastage please. Even if you earn it easily, you wont know when you need it and it might be out of your ability. Save it before you suck!

Guess how much is the bill? Rm 80+. Consider average aite?

One last picture with my baby bubi. =)

My boy tell me something which really makes me don't know what reaction should i give. When we was on our way home, he remember of something and said " Ya lor bi, last time when we pak tuo that time you also eat here with your family right? I still remember you sms me during the dinner."

Well, you see something? The whole sentence might have some grammar mistake or maybe none but it was translate from Cantonese. But this is not the point, the point is..."LAST TIME WE PAK TUO..." OMG, he says like we are married for now. IDK what is in this boy mind, maybe because i nags him alot and he already treated me as one of the "yellow face lady".

Boy, i know i nag like a machine gun but is all because of i care.
Boy, i might sounds unreasonable sometimes but you are the only one who i wanted to act like this with.
Boy, all because of love.


hEnRy said...

your blog even have more food then mine////

=) i want to eat allllllllllllll

tiffany tan said...

ahahah, come back msia then mar can eat lo



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