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FunOk Cafe---your 2nd home

Ello Ello~today i got something great to share with you guys. It could be your second home =D
They had great food, great service...but ALL of these also not important. The main attraction is their decor. They let you feel homie! FunOk means "going home" in Cantonese.

With the picture below, you will get what I'm trying to tell. Lets start the tour!!!

"Welcome" puzzle up by loads of picture. Those picture are all from customer that having great time here. Celebrating birthday, Halloween, valentine, etc.

Balloon in the air!

This is top 2 part i like most. Small fancy gate, star decor light and a moon. LOL

Not to mention, they celebrate Xmas here too!

My favourite!!! Pricess princie castle.

They don't have big heavy menu here but in small photo album which is easy to hold.

Funneh name makes me wanna eat all of it!!!

Vintage rocks!

Recycle is a trend now, FYI, this is made of barrel.

Little library

Oh no! I found someone secret!!! Its a diary.

But its not belong to anyone, is everyone who willing to write and share, in ONE thick diary.

Chilling doesn't mean that it must be something fancy and expensive like Starbucks. It could be like THIS!

Toys hidden inside.

Spot this cute penguin! Its a fridge. And that traditional style fan. Tell me where can you find this except hawker stall? Your home la.

If you were hoping something looking "HIGH CLASS" guess this will satisfied your need.

If you hoping to recall your childhood. Ta Daaa~they had what you ask for!

Guess everyone saw this at Taiwan restaurant but not here. Its a fact now! IN MALAYSIA also got!

Loads of barrel table

Toilet session.

Kiddie session

Balloon balloon!

Ikea style. But in opposite way.

Hey birdie and fishie

Unwanted light bulbs as decor

Don't know why this blue light makes me feel freaking cold.

WHAT! Washing machine as TABLE!!!

Times up for the tour! Its time to relax and sit down for a homie meal.
My order for today---chicken chop with mushroom sauce and orange juice. Da yum!

How you feel now? Is this the "home" you looking for? Go now, don't just sit and stare at my picture. It wont be yours no matter what. LOL
Visit them at Taman Conought. Just right beside GUARDIAN pharmacy, second floor.



香香 said...

feel like wan to go d la..
sam yok yok d~

tiffany tan said...

dont wait then. fast fast give a try =)



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