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Menu Of The Day =)

Anyone realised this morning and noon is so jam compare to usual its kinda abnormal? I'm referring to Jalan Istana towards Federal Highway. As usual, at least it will moved but not today. I'm so shock! Till i hafta find loads of alternative road to avoid those jam! Today i went home like 4+ pm after class, again its jam! Wadafak? Its only 4pm man, how come it looks like 6pm already?

Yes, we gonna have a long weekend again based on the fact above. Tomorrow is WESAK DAY!

Planning what to do at your long weekend? Maybe some cooking tutorial here will helps =p

Meet my pan fried sour spicy fish serve with mashed potato and greens

Ingredients: French Bean, lemon, onion, garlic, capsicum, broccoli and dory fish fillet, powder mix mashed potatoes.

Opps. And some chilies too. (according to individual)

Cut the vegetables and wash it.

Prepare the ingredients before you fried them with the fish. The lemon actually need 2 tables spoon only but you can add more if you love sourly taste. And the chilies, please cut it to half to remove the chili seeds only chop it.

This is my way to defrost the fish. LOL. If you do it in the same way like me, please remember to dry the fish with cloth or tissues. WAIT! Not toilet / face tissues okay!
Lets begin~
1. Add oil in pan and heat it
2. Garlic and onion in the pan till the colours change a bit add the fish in.
3. Lemon juice add in
4. Chilies add in
5. Till the colour change to light brown, its ready to serve.

This capsicum is actually used to decorate only, please do not simply choose any of it when you saw it at the market. Besides fresh and pretty, you still gotta see the bottom surface of it. It needs to stand on the plate so it must be FLAT SURFACE. After wash it, use hot water to rinse it and cut it.

Instant mash potato mix is what i use to fill in the capsicum. Its very easy to do, just mix the hot water with powder and wait for 3min. Done!

While waiting the mash potato to be ready, boil the french bean and broccoli together till its soften. Not forgetting to add a little bit salt. Not over cooked please, later on you still have to saute it with butter. Butter amount as you like, some likes fattening food =p like me, i put almost half of the portion adding a little corn flour to make it concentrate.

Jiang jiang, its ready to serve =)

How much do all this cost?
Let me tell ya. ONLY RM10 per pax (including with the Sunkist Orange Juice)

Enjoy your weekends lovelies =)
Happy Wesak Day




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