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Do Not Judge a Book...

My first early morning class today- Communication. Bet everyone is having fun and surprise during the class. It was about self known, perceptions of others and your ideal self.

I'm amaze by what feedback i get and I'm mad happy. Can fly~

There were few categories and each categories got few options to select your ideal, self known, and others perceptions on yourself.

Category 1: Birds

Turkey, Swan, Chicken, Owl, Ostrich, Parrot and Eagle.

I select myself as parrot because I'm talkative, ideal self is swan and others perceptions is chicken because i kinda chicky without directions. Surprisingly 6 people in a group dint thought that i was a chicken. I guess wrongly bbbbbBUT they said i look like a swan. I thought i really "LOOK" like one because my nick was "duck-duck" when i was a kiddo. They said i have "this" elegant look. Whee~

Category 2: Dog

Doberman, Poodle, Husky, St Bernard, Mutt and etc

I'm a Husky (what i select for my self known) and they select me as poodle. Right guess cause 3 girls in the group was same being called as a poodie.

Category 3: Drinks

Milk, Wine, Champagne, Prune Juice, Beer, Hot Chocolate, Water, Juice

I select myself as Prune Juice because...anti oxidant! Wuahahah~means anti rumours. Some of them select me as Hot Chocolate giving me reason of i look like one =.=''?? , Champagne because i looks elegant.

Category 4: Colours

Black, Blue, Pink, White, Pink, Gray, Yellow, Red

I select myself as Gray because I'm always in between confusing area. They selected me as Pink, as what i thought because i always dress up in Pink. Red is because i looks Red? Fariz cant really describe it in a word but sentence "You looks like the girl who will get what you want." Wow~in short is it means motivated/ stubborn? Hahah~

Category 5: Animals

Turtle, Bear, Lion, Fox, Rabbit, Deer, Monkey

I kinda select myself as Monkey because i cant stay still at a position. What makes me shock is someone comment on me as a Fox. I thought Ian means I'm tricky but then he said because you are super cute. WTH? Impress huh?

There are actually 9 categories but 5 is already too long and bored for you all huh? BTW, I'm really happy with what they thought about me. My face lied. Syok syok! I ain't that elegant, ain't that cute, ain't that nice and positive. I'm lazy, good in attacking, sometimes bitchy and etc in negative.

Since they had good impression on me, so i guess I'll just full filled their wish by being good, really really good. Okay, time to relate with my main point. I saw someone copied my post and repost on her blog again and I'm not happy with it. RAWR! Why must it happen again and again? I guess is because i did not make things clear before this.

Dear readers,

I really cannot understand why you copied my post or maybe i do. You feel that my words hits your heart and you agree with it. Am i right? But honestly i don't like it, especially my emo post. I brain squeezing myself effing hard to make the sentence out and you? Copy paste!

I do repost someones post too but its from email forwarded mail and everyone knows it for god sake. Yes i do agree with some bloggers post too, they hit my heart deeply but i do not steal and repost without asking permissions. Since then, i never repost any of it till now maybe in future who knows. Even yes, i will definitely ask for his/her permissions because i can understand her feelings and her words is very own by her.

My words hit your heart, is it all then? Everyone had different feelings, and how can you use my word to express yourself? Don't you find that is kinda fake? Why not make your very own sentence that always own by you since you had that strong feeling deep inside? Public figure are happy with people spreading their quotes, following their fashion trends but I'm not one of them. I don't like imitations and spreading.

Last, if you tend to make me like one of those public figure, please be polite and inform me before that. Manners, you should learned before. And since you wanna spread please remember to put my link as well since its mine =)

Yes I'm vain and ego, i admit. You find yourself as the one I'm mentioning (i dont wanna list you out), action now what i stated above then. If not delete it. Or you just gonna leave it doing nothing, I'm going to act bitchy like what i did before.

Much Love,
bitchy nor friendly Tiff =p


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Dat's deep. LOL



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