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So Called College First Day. *ALERT!!!*

Yesterday night, something drop by at my door step. A freaking big box which i got no idea what was hiding inside. It was light tho and its not fragile because i can shake it drop it.

This morning, i woke at 6am. NOTE! Its freaking early 6am mannn! Rushing for breakfast and make up. New semester first day mar, who doesn't wanna be pretty at the first day?

Breakfast of the day. Chocolate Tuxedo from Starbucks. Super cheesie yummie!

The last semester my class was at 9.30am and the traffic was still good tho but i didn't know that 7am is worst! Not to mention, i never believe what people told me about Federal Highway! Because due to my past 10 mths experiences i live peace with it and using it everyday to Subang. NOT TODAY! Even emergency road also cant move. ZOMG! I was totally late.

FML la, i don't wanna be late for the first class. After MidValley i change to other road. Can't recognise what's the name but have to pay toll and pass thru Sunway Pyramid. Don't you dare call me road blind! I'm not...just name blind. =p

Today is my first day officially driving new car to class. Woots! Wearing super love sunnie. Its my 7mthsary pressie from the boyfie. Love its super vintage old school colour at the frame.

New Semester starts and I'm freaking sad with my timetable yet happy. ZOMG! This confusing bitch again! I had 8am class for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After that the class ends at 9.15am and follow up by 11am. this break time is too long.

Guess what for Tuesday and Thursday? My very first class starts at 1pm! Is 1pm!!! I can probably wake at 10 and have a hot bath, tattoo my eyeliner slowly and take ages to chew my breakfast. Nothings wrong with that but the class till 3pm.

Slap me! Me no likey class start early, break time too long and end too late. Screwed you, I'm changing my timetable now by add/drop subj =p

After class, went COD at Mid Valley and Cheras area with my new partner. Kitty the Miu. This is the not fragile stuff that i mention above in the big box. Pink blink blink dress with big ribbon. So cute! Thanks Ken =) At least some decor in the car. LOL

Went Pudu. Where my favourite bubble tea shop located at. I miss their Oat Milk Bubble Tea so much until i cant sleep. Seriously if you pass by you should really try their Taiwanese food and drinks here. FYI, its located at the same row of Tsun Jin High School. After Shell petrol station name ONE TWO TEA CAFE.

What's next? I think i don't have to tell. This is the famous place to camwhore, who don't know?

Seriously do you people think that somethings wrong with my dress?

This morning while i was rushing to cross the main road to my building, there was a retard asshole in the mid age of 40 pause his laokiap bike for a second and gimme a fly kiss. HOLLY SHIT! Not one! But after he left, he gimme another fly kiss at the opposite road! My very first day of new semester was ruined by him!!! If he dare come closer, i swear I'll kick his bike (hoping he will fell from the bike) and step on his dick till crushed. See he dares to disrespect woman or not next time! So cheong kong!

Love pic! My hair is so long already. Oh baby~mama feel proud of you. Finally reached waist length after secondary school. Those day in Chong Hwa is always ear length level only. =.=''

Later that head to movie. ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE =D

Thumbs up for local production. Love the way how different relationship was clicked and giving a very first love feeling---DUMB! Sweet max! Please watch it if you haven't while the cinema is still showing.

After movie it was almost dinner time. I had my lunch and dinner together at this YOU-CANT-MISSED-IT Restaurant.

I'm not gonna tell you what's it name so quick. Let me bring you around and guess your own =p

No idea?

Maybe this crystal light will help.

Located at 6th floor

Just right beside the middle escalator.

Besides selling food, they sell diamonds and jewellery too!

Saw that "C" logo?

Wait! Something distract my eyes! Is a blink blink cushion! Mad pretty lor.

If you're still guessing. Forget it! Thumbs up for people who manage to get the answer correctly.

Fresh Lilies everywhere.

Lets be serious. Is time for food =D

I was mad happy to dine here although i dint show my happy face. Note my new love bag! I almost carry it everywhere and it match with all my dresses, jumpsuits and clothes!

Hugging the super glam cushion. Is a little not comfy. "Ouch"

Enough messing with the cushion now...the flowers turn.

Flowers and the beauty =X *cough*

Logo C serving together with my Ice Chocolate. See! I'm just too addicted to Chocolate. Tell me how to cure?

I warned you at my title. "ALERT" this post contain loads of syok sendiri picture.

Note guys! I prefer lilies than rose.

I ordered a 4 course meal because i think its better than Ala carte. 4 course meal included any drinks excepts alcohol, starter, salad/soup, main course and also dessert. The great thing is, they did not fixed your dishes. You can select any soup in the soup column, starter, main course and also dessert. Even different price you still pay for the set price which is Rm 138 ++

Cream Of Forest Mushroom

with chunky mushroom, truffle oil and croutons

Starter- Teriyaki Glazed Slipper Lobster with Seared Foie Gras

served with baslamic reduction and spicy mango salsa sauce

The first time i had my foie gras was at Gardens Restaurant at One Utama. It gives me nightmare honestly. Their foie gras is...erm...idk how to describe in words, but when you swallow it you will started to shivering and do funny face. Something taste like butter but awful than it.

That time, i thought this is the actual foie gras taste until today! FANTASOME! Not to soft and juicy! And the lobster is soak with teriyaki sauce that makes perfect combination.

Pan Seared Salmon "Rossini"

served on thyme infused braised oxtail stew, topped with foie gras and baslamic palm sugar glace

Twinkle twinkle little star...

Nice to see but not nice to hug =(

Dessert---Tiramisu. If not mistaken they call it Supermisu.

The top layer is kinda soft and creamy. I still prefer Alexis Tiramis.

Before headed home, i stop by at Etude for some women stuff instead of Body Shop or The Face Shop. Im attract by PINK COLOUR! Was planning to get one nail remover only but then later i found this hand and heel cream. Not sure about how good it is but the packaging is so nice! I love floral prints so much so why not adding another floral print product? BTW, im kinda suprise that their service is really good. Eventhough you might not be buying stuff there but they still serve you well by giving loads of information and tester to let you experience it, not like some kiam siap sales girl. Not their shop but act like it was. I was kinda shock when i was wondering how the peeling cream works and then the girl straightly apply on my hand and massage for me. OMG! Syok~

8am class is really torturing. See my "too tired" face? I decided, im gonna drop it for my goodness.




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