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Mummie is Currently Away at Mother's Day

Happy Mothers day to all mummiesssss =]

I left KL since yesterday night. Suddenly so far away from my bubi I feel a lil bit not used to it.

Purposely stop by at McD bought something that will makes me feel like he's beside me and it works I guess. McFlurry!!! His favourite. One cup of ice cream could turn him from tiger to kitten. That's my big boy =p

I'm currently at seremban celebrating mothers day. Mummie wanna celebrate with her mum and we want celebrate with our mum too, so here we are, all here!

But all the mummie's went out early morning. Guess it's the so called mum days out. Leaving me at grandparents home. Home alone =[

There's nothing to eat after I search the entire house, maybe I should say they are not not my choice. Then I found this mantou at fridge (my fav), I was kinda lazy to steam it so I put it in microwave but then after 2mins it turn out to be cookies. Hard and crunchy! FML

Hafta do it again but not the microwave anymore. If mummy was here sure I won't had a chance to did that mistake.

Mummy where are you now? Please come back asap.

You know what's the greatest of every mum? They are super and they put their child as priority before themselves. Every mum does! I believe if I call my mum now and said I'm hungry she will deffinitely ran home straight. But I'm not gonna be like that...for today. Lol

I remember my mum told me when she's having me inside her tummy, she did not touch any cold drinks even watermelon too for 9 mths. Just because they care and they cant affort to loose you.

Once my sis was in fever, my Mum stay up the whole night just to check her temperature every half an hour.

When i was still a baby my Dad wasnt that success in his job like now. My Mum gotta work in order to pay part of the family expenses until i reach 5. She got to work and no time to take care me so i was taken care by my grandma at Seremban. Mummy always drive all the way from KL to Sban to visit me every Friday and drive back at Monday early morning. Not Sunday because she cant take her eyes off of me, she hope to see me longer.

I got a nickname---froggie.
Know why? Because my Mum feed Me overload. Once i cry, she's over worried that i might hungry so every single time she will feed Me a big bottle of milk. You know i cant walk or crawl that time, the only posture i had is facing up the ceiling with a super bloated tummy(like frog), shaking my sugarcane hands and legs. Fyi, sugarcane doesnt means sweet but fat! I got 3 thick layers for my hand and 4 for my legs. Lmao.

Arghhh, that mantou so fast digested already. Luckily I brought my Zow-Zow Tom Yum instant noodle back =D

Time to do some cooking lol. That's all for today sharing. Will share more history of me and my mum...maybe at next mothers day post =!

Last, happy Mother's Day once again!!!

Much love,

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hEnRy said...

Are u using iphone to post your blog? Seems fun using iphone.

Lovely chocolate flower
Have fun @ Sban

tiffany tan said...

yea using iphone. too sien ma no choice lo



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