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Hey ya! I was suppose to update my mother's day post once I'm free but i did not. I was freaking busy lately, since the Skin 79 Bb Cream post i posted up, i received loads of order and loads of cod delivery to Subang, PJ, Cheras, Ampang, and loads of shopping mall i went not for shopping but to meet up with my customer. I started to live in a hectic life even though I'm in holiday now but still I'm happy once i done a deal. To be honest, the money is not the first place but the smile from my customer and their feedback. I swear.

Every time i finished delivery to one location, i get a big smile from the gals or their boyfie. I guess that smile comes from gal:" finally i got new stuff to put on!" guy:"this would safe my life from being nag." LOL

2 guys bought from me which really makes me surprise. At first i thought they wanna use it and they might be super macho handsome model, actually for the gf monthsary pressie. Why i choose to cod instead of postage? Hmnn~maybe i was this kinda consumer too. Normally once i spotted clothes or stuff from blog shop, of course price is the first thing i concern, second is their delivery method. I PREFER COD max because i wished to try new thiggie or clothes ASAP and to make sure the condition is good.

Oh ya, dear readers i do not add up any charges for COD no matter how far it is if I'm possible to passby there. So if you prefer COD max like me, we can try to arrange it. =)

Just mail me at

But as I'm living in KL and I'm not gonna outstation at the moment, so for readers who wish to COD besides KL area. I'm sorry for that.

Here i should repeat millions time of
THANKIU SO MUCH to all the readers, tweetpeeps, Facebook-ers and friends who help me promote and gave fully trust and support. I thought i would only manage to finished selling the first batch of hotpink bb cream using 3 mths time but seems like now I'm only using 5 days. FYI, i had 50 bottles Hotpink as ready stock and i thought I'm taking a big risk to buy in so many but now *sunshine in my window* LOL

Once again, thank you so much =)

For the previous post( ) i just post up Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream for sale but in my email i receive loads of order and also including questions like 'do you have this and that blah?" I noticed that my readers wants more of Skin 79 products. I dint try that before for sure i got no review to give you peoples but i trusted SKIN 79.

Here's some real picture i manage to get online of skin 79 users without photoshop.
Not only me who praise them like god but everyone see the effect like me too!

This post, you'll get what you ask for dear lovelies =)

Somehow i did not manage to get each item in each series. FYI, there's like 4-6 item per series. How many series they had? OMG! Don't ask me! My money is limited and i did some research to select which is the best and having good feedback to sell. Hope you peoples will get what you wished for =D

FYI, local merchant store Korean Beauty Square (Sungai Wang and Mid Valley) do selling all Skin 79 product but its double or even triple the price you could get over here. Don't ask me again why sho CHEAP because this is the LAST TIME i gonna repeat.

1. I did not sell fake stuff and I'm using what I'm selling too. 100% original if not MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

2. KBS need to get MAL license and pay for rental which we all BLOGSHOP don't have to.

3. All stock are direct from KOREA which means no fee is add up besides profit of retailer.

To prove you I'm selling at the cheaper price, click this link from KBS :


Skin 79 BB VIP Gold SPF 25 40g (contain Caviar)

  • dry skin and elderly skin
  • focus more on anti wrinkle and moisture
  • coverage better than HOT PINK
  • whitening effect, dull yellowish skin could be change after apply

Rm 68

KBS selling Rm 169


Skin 79 Hot Pink SPF 25++ 40g

  • younger and oily/ combination skin.
  • 10 in 1- whitening, prevent wrinkle, anti UVA/B, control oil glands, protect skin, 21 vitamins and minerals, base, foundation, concealer, sunblock.
  • I personally recommend and currently using this =)

Rm 65

KBS selling Rm 169


Skin 79 Sun Protect BB Pact SPF 30++ 15g

  • with green tea, lavender and plants extract will be more stick to your skin.
  • suit for looking perfect coverage lovelies as the powder is so smooth and tiny that can create great coverage for pores.

Rm 58

KBS selling Rm 88


Skin 79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop 43.5g (contain pearl)

2nd generation of HOT PINK

  • dry, uneven skin tone, calming skin and use as highlighter
  • let the skin shine, after apply your skin will feel some cooling effect.
  • as the texture come in shinny effect, not recommend to apply whole face if you're chubby. Only apply at Tzone or dry area.
  • 100% oil free! but will moisten your skin all day long!

Rm 60


Skin 79 All Day Sun Powder SPF 30++ 13g

  • long lasting
  • high SPF protect you from UVA/B
  • contain diamond, ruby, amethyst, pearl, caviar to hydrate your skin and give protection

Rm 68


Skin 79 Perfect BB Cover Concealer 6g

  • contain light and natural beige.
  • light beige-dark circles, eye bag
  • natural beige- spots, pimples and pigment

Rm 48

For girls who wants more perfect skin could try this.


Skin 79 Absolute Total BB Cream SPF 37 PA+++ 40g

  • prevent wrinkle, whitening, anti UVA/B, moisten your skin, maintain firmness, brighten and calming effect.
  • contain caviar, pearl, ruby, diamond etc
  • best coverage, better for skin.
  • control oil also hydrate your skin
  • dry and combination skin

note: this colour texture is fairer! for those who had tan skin might not suitable

Rm 78 (the most expensive among all because of its ingredients.)

The latest and greatest bb cream of all!


Skin 79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream SPF 25++ 60g

  • dry and combination skin
  • coverage normal but help to lighten scar for long term usage
  • shinny effect because contain pearl and diamond power

Rm 68

Suitable for GREAT skin condition gals only as the coverage is not KAW enough.

Skin 79- 4 in 1 Mini Set 5g each

including Hotpink, Gold, Diamond Prestige and Luminous Pearl (used as highlight)

Rm 50

For gals who not sure their skin type and like mini size stuff. Easier to bring out and travel usage.


Oriental BB Moist BB Sun Pact SPF 25++ plus 13g

  • suitable for all skin type and colour tone
  • trendy 360 degree turn on gold cover
  • dry and wet use

OMG! See the golden puff, my next target =D

Rm 65


Skin 79 The Oriental Shining Pearl BB Cream PLUS 20g

  • comes with brush and easier to apply
  • can use as foundation/ highlighter
  • calming, whitening, anti wrinkles, anti sensitive
  • whitening and minimize wrinkle effect is noticeable.
  • good coverage especially for reddish skin, pimples, wrinkles, pigment, freckles and pores.

    Rm 68

  • Brush could be remove and clean
  • highlight effect is BOOM (see results below)

Sorry peoples to keep you waiting for this WOMEN POST.

All HOT PINK is SOLD OUT! Those who wish to order/already placed their orders please be patience. Stock will be arriving next week. Pls reserve to avoid stock unavailable, as I'm a small reseller i cant get in bulk but estimate my own. Thx for understanding =)

Place your order or inquiries here:


Janice Phua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janice Phua said...

nice post!! seems nice eh this skin 79, heard a lot of good comments about it, gonna buy from you once I finish my current Skin Food bb cream ;)

hEnRy said...

That is so cool.
Awesome product. Actually I went to Korea look around the BB Cream products @etude house.
There are so many kinds of BB cream product and very popular too.

I really curious how you and others blogshop work online and get item from overseas. That's make me feel like start up one too.

But anyway, have fun selling products and get great comments from everyone. Will help you promote then. =)

tiffany tan said...

janice: haha sure. Let me know then i'll reserve for u.

Henry: haha, go start it la.
then u can earn more pocket money ma.

hEnRy said...

But i got no idea how to start.
Don't even know where to get those stuff..LOL. Unless you can share with me if you don't mind

Even if I started...will start selling in Aussie with AuD price.



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