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Theseeee WHY!

Why would the world never stop even though each of us shouting we need more time?

Why would people change even they realised they are no longer themselves?

Too many why to be questions, but always one FACT to defeat all of these why.

Earth is turning, life is moving on.
Even flies don't crave for craps anymore but blueberry cheese cake.

I'm lost, I'm sick, I'm heartbroken.
Yes, i changed but still i can recognise myself. Why don't you?
Aren't we were walking and counting the steps together?

We were suppose to be understanding each other.
We thought we were meant for each other.
Yet your words hurt me so much, i did not cry and yell like usual.
but I'm not breathing for a second.

Yes I'm cold, selfish bitch
Yes but i love you and you know that clearly your own!
You asked "which day you never hate me?"
I'm thinking, hate need love to be build before you can hate someone.

I'm demanding, picking
Do I? I don't!...maybe i don't know.
Or miss lead me to the way i believe what you are?

Why cant we talk in a good way every time?
I admit, once i get attack, I'll protect myself no matter what.
You do know i never bend my knee, not even my waist.
Why would you choose that way?

Time heal everything, but not without leaving scars.
As i said, never said things that you don't mean it.
Once you did, live with it.




World Peace


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