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♥ Mama and Mama's Day ♥

Those day in Seremban i never been that happy like today. Maybe i did but it was my babyhood day i guess. I got naggy and tradition grandpa which makes me sick and not comfortable with it. Everything i did at his house, i get nag. I HATE but I'm not gonna FHL because no matter what he's still my grandpa, respect is still a must.

I must say this Mother Day is the most happening and happiest among all. Idk why~

When first mummy said wanna go back Seremban celebrate with her mum that time i was like =.='' Pls don't~~~~~~~~~i don't wanna grow like fungus over there. (that's why you saw my last 2 post update via iphone)

We reached there kinda late cause mum was messing with the road. Once we reached is already bed time at there. Next morning, besides breakfast session with the family there's nothing else. I prefer to sleep as long as i could to skip my breakfast, lunch and teatime. I'm waiting something more...DINNER!
However, I'm not a pig, i woke up at 4pm! Die mou~hungry plus we say in Chinese "not up not down". Dinner was at 8 pm. FML. I have to starve till dinner then.

Mummie and her beloved mummie
Cousie and cousie. Lol

Cousie-cousie. They look alike right? Bingo! They are from the same family.

Cousie and mua fat sis.
They are actually same age but my fat sis look elder and bigger in size!

Finally after starving for 6 hours! There is loads of people in this Seremban Overseas Restaurant. The food took effing long to arrive even its a starter. OMG!
Maybe because I'm fungry. A normal taufu i also feel like it taste like abalone. XD

At least something attracts my small eyes. The purple-ish bun is mua favourite colour la...and i love mantou max. NOT CHAR SIEW BAU!!!

Fatty pork stay away!

Owh I'm in love with you.
How i wish I'm selfish enough to eat all of it without caring others feeling. =(

What! Ain't this suppose to be the first dishes? How come its the 3rd dishes? BTW, i love the 9 o'clock direction bacon max. Dint know that they eat bacon here too. SUPER RARE!

This butter curry prawn was not suppose to appeared at our table, but it did. So we just accept, makan but need to pay also!

Fishy don't blame me for not touching you. You stink and not fresh!

Kai Lan ah Kai Lan...why so oily?

The dishes served in super messy sequence. *smack forehead* Scroll up and down once and i guess you know how to play puzzle too. We can even list out due to our experience of every-dinner-is-the-same.

Little kiddie will always find their way to not soak themselves in boring situation.

Old generation will talk non stop to anti bored.

Youngster? Camwhore or on the phone la.

All of the best picture i had for MAMA DAY. My sis so good in polishing my mum's butt. =X
FYI, my sis read my blog too even she's 11. Hope she don't understand what i meant above. Tee Hee~love you fattie boot!

Pls see her tummie! OMG! I'm such a bad sista!

Mummie, you got two good kisser as daughter. XD
We love you loads and sorry for the trouble we cause everyday especially me, but we just cant stop it because we are always younger than you.
My mum was too happy until she lost her eyes in this pic. LMAO
Boot Boot and Bambi love you =*

Even though there's no Secret Recipes / Alexis cake selling here, or even King's but still today...its the best cake i ever had. Adding up happiness, laughter and family as seasoning.

Maybe i should be honest. To me, whatever cake that has a tiny strawberry on top, it will always taste nice and look nice to me. Hehehe~of course the chocolate powder!

Part of the daughters, sons and in laws with popo and gong gong

Part of the grandchildren. Some did not manage to come back as they are outstation =(
Everyone is looking at the camera EXCEPT MY SIS! Why she so enjoying looking people smiling at the cam ah? LMAO KAW

OMG! Why Mother's Day my grandpa is cutting the cake? This is so wrong!
Actually it was his birthday also =p

See what my sis doing again?!!! Every time people birthday she surely stand very near to the cake one. Not because of the cake but the candle. I swear she will laugh like hell once she read this 7 years later telling me "How come i like that one ah?" LOL

There we enjoy our cake with laughter, warmth and sharing.

Me: "Boot, kiss me please."
Sis: "Why?"
Me: "Because I'm half of your mother too! I take care of you, nag at you and even wipe your poo poo when you're still a baby!"




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