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Nightmare On Elm Street Movie Review

Owh freak! I started to miss my holidays now. I had so much fun during the whole holiday. No assignments but all about entertainment.

Last Tuesday was invited by Adverlets for Elm Street movie premiere screening. So me and bubi decided to went out earlier at 1pm which is 8 hours before the movie just because we are craving for some good food!

Planning to go Jalan 222 for the famous Hokkien mee but they opened at night. ISh~so we changed to Paramount to look for more foodies. Here we are in the famous wantan mee shop. People could just come here for their mee ONLY. Its homemade and definitely dionk dionk you can feel inside your mouth.

Saw our difference? LOL. Today is our special day so both of us consider kinda dress up a lil nicer than usual Ah Lian & Ah Beng look. I even took out my dusty falsie and wear it. Its been ages i never wear it and my drawer is stuck with 20 pairs more differents design!!! FML! Should spend wiser next time.

My fattie bu =D

Wantan mee is soup and curry chicken mee.

Notice the noodle is different with what we used to see. It is slightly thinner.

See my bu busying here and there.

This is moving my noodle nearer.

This is getting me chopsticks and spoon.

And this is getting me chili. LOL
The best thing is he actually eat my part also! I love big eater. XD

Next we headed to P1 Wimax to terminate the Internet. Everyone knows how "well" P1 perform so I'm not gonna add salt and vinegar here. It took damn long just to terminate a freaking line. All employee there looks like a dead body sitting at the service counter. Urgh! I think zombie also act faster than them!

Pic From bu. Again with my favourite dress. Bare with it cause I'm gonna wear it to all my favourite events. Hahaha~i hope i got all its colour.

"Tiffany Tan, sometimes when you are not angry you also look sweet and cute tho." Someone said this to me. Guess who? XD

Later than we headed to Mid Valley to shop and eat! We were kinda outdated, even Ip Man 2 also haven't watch. We manage to buy a 6.30pm couple seats while waiting for Elm Street. We are afraid that it might be a continuous 4 hours movie marathon in a cold, dark cinema so we hop in to Sushi King to settle our meal even though we are not hungry. In fact, we just had our meal 3 hours ago.

It was our first time. =) Sushi King!!!

Thumbs up for Golden Ball! I always order wrongly by naming them as dragon ball, the waiter always showing me that "HUH" face.

Tempura prawn sushi.
Was cold =(

Some kind of chicken rice with sauce. LOL

He said he was not hungry but still i don't understands why must he eat rice if he's not?

Love this pic so much. That smiley eyes. Sho cute-nya!

Ip Man was awesome honestly, i believe that 99% people already watch it so its waste of my time to repeat the thing you've knew it. Like naggy grandma.
We came out earlier than we thought before Elm Street start. Omg~my butt is almost flat! But i just cant wait to see this! I like horror movie loads. Sometimes I might close my eyes but still I'll open another one.

Thank you Jason and Adverlets for the invite =)

My bu hugging his shopping bag tight. LMAO. The show haven't even start he already feel it.

My baby boy =}

Welcome to your New Nightmare......

Having nightmare isn't horrible after we wake up, but how if it happens in the nightmare will also affect your real life?

His favourite quote "Ready or not, here i come."

The 2010 version of Nightmare was actually a remake of 1984, talking about a group of teenager are having the same dream that a guy wearing a Green and red sweater with a clawed glove kept hunting them. The guys face were extremely burnt and melt. At first they did not believe that they will die in their dream until they discover more and more friends of them died one by one. When they were killed in nightmare it also means in their real life.

Soon they realised, they had to stay awake in order to stay alive but however after a long period of awaking, the brain will turn down and having coma that makes you felt asleep without noticed. But the worst is if this happen, you cant wake up easily.
Every time they fell asleep, they either will brought to Freddy's boiler room or this pre-school. They get curious and try to find our more but was stop by their parents. Nancy noticed there is something hiding by her mother and the others parents as well.

In order to find the truth, they had to risk their life and dream....

Soon...she found out Freddy was actually their pre-school gardener. And all of them were actually schoolmate but the parents are keeping this as a secret. But why?

One, two, Freddy Come to you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab your crucifix.
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late.
Nine, ten, never sleep again.

Basically, everyone told me how great about this movie but its refer to the 1984 version. I was hoping to watch that but too bad i was born at 1989. So far the movie was scary enough. It makes me and my bu stop breathing for a few seconds every time we suspect there is something bad gonna happen. The story line was pretty great but there is some scene which is unclear, perhaps doesn't makes sense. When Nancy was fighting with Freddy at the last scene, how can she actually bring him into her world? This didn't stated clearly and i bet that everyone was "HUH". We hope to get the answer in the movie but we did not.
Following by that, if Freddy was brought to the real world, how come he did not died at last? When he's actually murdered by Nancy and burnt again?
Before that, there's some 18SX scene which is totally unsettling! First, Nancy was been told by her mother that Freddy actually did something to her while she was 5 but that part were skipped. We know that its some case like molesting or rape but i was actually hoping for something clearly stated. Then the last fighting scene. Nancy and Quentin found a box that's full of Nancy picture, of course those picture were not showing to the audience but then...why this scene doesn't add up any explanation?

bbbBUt, the best part i like was how Kris died. She was pretty though, i thought she was the main actress instead of Nancy. They focus too much on side character before this. So far the creepy level was well presented. Talk about the best of the best is the ending. When we all thought Freddy is dead or missing, he appeared at Nancy's house mirror and kill her mum which is back facing the mirror. Seriously, no one was dreaming!!! Leaving Nancy shouting alone and "dream dream dream...." the sweet sentimental song that ends it all.
When i reached home was about 12am, i was fighting not to fall asleep that time. Silly me! Luckily no nightmares. =)




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