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First day of my sem break begin, but its gonna end at 2 weeks time. How sad!
Woke up in 9am, looks like my sleeping cycle is fixed to my class time table. Took kinda long to get back to sleep. Urgh! I hate this! When i was about to suit into it, then i gotta change it back again. FML! That's what all students feel, am i right?

2 weeks ago I'm still living in a hectic, super stress life but now? Im living like nobody business. Bubi not gonna wake me for class, nag me not to be late, mummy not gonna ask me to read more reference book, dad not gonna ask me to sleep before 12am. Whoohoo! Im so HAPPY when everything goes like that but SAD at the same time that that life will be back...SOON! Still, Mr Sun wake me early in 9am when he really miss me. I think i should record something down in his phone to replace me while I'm having my precious sleeping time.

Now I'm living in life that need planning, everyday. During school days i got no option to choose but just add on some activities after class but whole day is blank from morning to night. OMG~i don't like it!

Can i say i miss my past 2 weeks so much? Shuuu!
That time my hair falls like...i cant count. It was like the amount of 1 week time but it took 1 day only to fall outta my head. SO HORRIBLE. The whole bed, floor, hand...i thought i got cancer you know! But now seems fine now. Is stress who kill my hair. At least that time i still have works to stick with. Argghhh...confusing!

Now, I'm so's the result gonna be? I hate exam. Thought everything gonna be good after that but now again i need to worry hows my performance in the test.

Today i did some shopping and there goes my day. Tomorrow what again? I cant just shop continuous 2 week right? There goes all my hard work money i earn by sacrificing my feet with 4inch heels for 3-10 hours working in event and sweating under hot sun with thick make up for photo shooting. Looking the money decrease from bank account doesn't feel good at all. Every time i work, i counted how much would i get after the event/photo shooting and plan what to buy as gift. bbbbBUT when the money bank in, my hand say do not withdraw, I'm mad happy to see the money increasing every single time i work. People might thought i spend alot including my mum saw me bringing "big bag small bag" home but tell ya, I ONLY SPEND 1/4 of my salary.

Every time i work I'll get minimum pay rm100 for an hour. So if i work for 3 hour per day for 3 day i would get Rm 900 in total. Every salary is around 1k how can you, i mean me tend to withdraw out when there are about to create a new figure. Tak sedap hati tau! So i will ONLY, for sure, spending titsie bitsie amount that wont cause my account a big hole.

Opps, not to mention, i just clear my closet because its exploding! Plan to sell it but isn't it too troublesome? Have to change and take tons picture. ZOMG! But to get the money, i might willing to =p

And I'm curious, second hands cloths people might not mind but how bout second hand shoes and heels? Heee~i don't wear that much and I'm planning to restock in a bunch. No point to let it cover by dust aite? They should get a better owner. Tell me if you are interested kay =]

Talk about the movie...I got tons to catch up since the exam and most of them is not showing anymore. Sad sad sad! So now I'm gonna catch the oldest movie before it got shoot down. Iron Man Ipman...neh! They will last at least 2 weeks. I got the time.

Look who's the newbie in Twitter!!! Not-so-special but is Mr Sun.

He's been nagging me for tweeting too much rather than looking to his face. So is better if he found out what's so special about what I'm addicted to than i told him abstractly. After ages I've been pursuing, there he goes.

Now he's twitting more and MORE! Looks who's talking. That dumb thing actually wanted me to see his tweet where he goes rather than tell me personally. I'm so piss that time seriously. Guess this the so call Karma. LOL

Do follow him kay, if not he couldn't find out how nice is the Twitter world and he would start nagging me again. =(

Happy me and you out there who might having the same problem like me. Tee-Hee




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