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Station 1 Cheats!

Its like ages i never been to Station One. Perhaps i could say i don't even go there once in a blue moon not even 3 times a year. I can say that i go Steven Corner more often than Station 1. They served superb Milo and fried pigeon. Please don't say I'm cruel! I dint even know it was a pigeon when i first ate it, my dad told me it was chicken. Baby chicken some more! Until i went Steven Corner eat my own, i only found that it was a god damn bird! FML~tasty tho =p

Guess everyone know what's the concept Station 1 use to advertise. In case you don't know, it is "Western Food that you can eat everyday." To shorten it means, SUPER CHEAP LA!

Woots. I'm drooling once i saw the menu. The foods look cheap and big portion. Kinda regret why i did not went there for ages...

Drooling...non stop. Cant even make my mind what to eat because i want it ALL.

Drink of the day. Hot Honey Lemon due to I'm in PMS status.

PMS shouldn't eat more, you know that? Because it will gain more weight compare to usual. Get me? So i order a Tuna croissant. Look at those Tuna almost cant fit in.

But when it came. My face was totally upset! I did not hide it, purposely show it to the waiter. Ahaha~my so called human rights. This is so damn different with the picture, i cant even see any tuna mannnn!

My another pool buddy order this. Chicken chop! I'll put my hope on this since mine end up like that. The chicken chop served with mashed potatoes, corn, salad and!

Eh hem hem...what happen to my super tempting chicken chop? The corn how come end up different? Where's all the button mushroom???

Okie fine. I never regret for not going there even just for yamcha session only. Now i regret why I'm here. But one thing, although the food comes in a different version compare to the menu but the taste was still ok. Try it if you aren't consumer like me that always blame at KFC's ads.

I know you got me =p




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