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Digi iPhone 4 Carnival

Expire post i know...for almost 1 mth. =0

Was planning to get my i4 from Maxis, however i didn't make it and its actually way more expensive than Digi. The phone i mean. Tagging along Kent to Quill9, where the carnival held at INSIDE BMW showroom.

The carnival started at 10am, i reached at 10.21am. Look at it! I'm standing in the middle only! People are everywhere! Major WTF, its gonna be a long day again but this is my last chance! cause i know after this, it'll be out of stock! Just like what you guys facing now! Hoo hah!

Nah~the back view. Humans and also BMW.

It doesn't looks like a BMW showroom anymore because its flood with yellow agent, yellow customer!

Mamamia~300 number to go with...its not awesome at all! Psst~they are not that efficient tho.

To shut the loyal customer mouth, we had free flow all day long from Starbucks! Too bad I'll diarrhea if i had it, and they don't have any Ice Choc! ='(

People here are invading the staffs territory!

They took the staffs working desk, seats and loads more. Look! They were just like chilling at their own house with the TV. One-happy-Family! LOL

The guy with the red scarf on head was actually sitting the (left hand side) staff table. LMAO! He so charm! And that green shirts was his customer!

After iWait and iChill...its payment and collection. Basically there were 3 process only which is register, payment and collection but it took ages. I reached there at 1021am guess what time i went home? Its 830pm! 10 hours leh! Chi sin! I promised myself no next time!

Something to praise bout the carnival. They provide FOC service!

Professional yet patience.

Ta daa~Rm 53 for bumper and front, back screen protector. Cheap huh!

The old 3gs Apple logo had a little scratch on it already, so i cant bear to expose it anymore but now with the back screen protector. Yes i can! I don't think my cover its pretty, but i love it just because they are PINK!

See! It match with my nails colour! Opps~bimbo shown!

Another small notice here. All i4 is sold out so please don't ask again. I really don't know how to got lubang to get i4 again besides asking you to sign a new contract. Basically I'm not interested to selling phone, its a high risk. I bought 4 of it is because i just wanna make some money through the time I've spend there waiting and almost dying there.

My stuff are all hot selling just like BB Cream. So be fast next time. =)

Oh yea~ comment back to those who comment at my prev selling i4 post. If you don't wanna buy or not even interested. Don't bloody comment telling me it has problem and you gonna wait till it solve or how sucks is Apple product. The antenna problem, oh well, don't you know that iPhone always having one-to-one replacement. You'll be getting a new phone if it really does had the problem. And You don't have to tell me that you gonna wait till it fixed and get it, its not my business, all I'm interested is "Am i gonna earn from you!" Sorry to be that honest if i hurt you, that reality baby! To that pathetic guy that don't even leave down a name that comment how sucky i4 are a loser! How many people are using it because of its AMAZING-ness don't you see? Go back to your self-satisfaction-low world! Don't blame others.


Nic said...

Lol. You took the number and actually waited there for your number? Ha

tiffany tan said...

hahah at first it was cause my friend drive me there and work but after that cant stand for it went for a loooooong lunch at ss2. XD

Nic said...

yea la, i took the number and went home, they told me i can just cut queue

Lim said...

izzit wan hack the iphone 4 only download the full version game by free..?

tiffany tan said...

Not really. I got some full version game it's free too. But normally very popular game do need to pay for full vers

tiffany tan said...

Not really. I got some full version game it's free too. But normally very popular game do need to pay for full vers



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