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You're Guilty!

I'm feeling sho bad right now. I did something really bad? Erm...not really. Hahha. Today was suppose to watch The Switch by Jennifer Aniston with Kent and oh class end at 1.40pm the movie starts at 3.50pm. Sounds like plenty of time for me to get home and prepare. But hell no! I didn't get a chance to head home, lastly...our movie gone poof! In short, we didn't make it. We I were late for 10-20 mins for the movie but K decided not to go. Weirdo! Wasting money!!!

Here's our ticket in perfect piece! Guilt max!

I didn't mean to be late and i never thought things will came up so sudden and Friday Federal is in PMS. Thx to prayers? Well i don't know whats the exact reason but why others day at 3pm wont jam but FRIDAY!!! I'm waiting someone to gimme the right answer. Thank you very much!

When i was in class, i told him I'll be home around 2.30pm, when i was in jam i told him I'll be reaching at 3pm...lastly i told him 3.30pm and laaaaaastly...i reached at 4pm! And the whole plan was BING BANG BOOM! He purposely went TS to bought the ticket earlier and waited me at my house. Wait and wait...then we changed our plan to fetching me in front Pudu Jail. Then he realised there might be difficulties for me to cross the road so he went opposite side where my mum drop me. How sweet of him. No car is so fucked up! I curse the people who stole my car! You idiots will end up in car accident which brings you living like hell but still LIVING. Without hands, teeth, legs, tongue...Buahaha.

Anyway, this is the second time we didn't make it to the movie while he already bought the ticket. I thinks he might have phobia soon because he ask me to let him know when will it be the third time. Guilt guilt guilt! He's been a very sweet friend of mine for a long time. I'm touch because this ain't bout girls and guys love. Its goddamn friendship which you hardly found.

How we met? Hahahha...lets reverse back to 9 years ago.

I was 12 and he was 17, he was working part time at the bubble tea shop during his UNI life. FYI, i was a bubble tea addict. I can has bubble tea 5 days a week till i found out its fattening. So happening that my aunt and mum was one of the addict also. I didn't get to talk with him but my mum and aunt but in heart i know his existing. We always claimed more bubble jelly than what we had paid. Mad syok!

Until i was 17/18, i has the ability and trust from my parents to bring my sis out. I bring my sis to his shop. So happen that i pay to my sis and she forgot to pay. We walk out just like that without paying a single cents. YES and he didn't even ask me to pay till i walk out and noticed my sis hand is still holding the money. WTH! SECOND TIME, i took LRT back from school and passed by his shop. This time i forgot to bring my purse, i kinda raise my voice to stop him from shaking my drinks. He said its ok, bring it other time. Oh~paiseh-nya!

Till here...we are still not friends yet.

19 is my age. I walk pass him with my ex (he's still my bf at that time) and i found that he's not working there for quite sometime, so I'm curious and asked. There we start our conversation and friendship. Too bad, my ex was over reacted at that time. He kinda hates me seeing him. He's afraid that might replace him or what, we often argue bout this. At the end, he was the one who did those shit. Funny arse!

What I'm really surprise that, bu is kinda happy with me and K. No jealousy issue at all even though they did not met each other in real life before. I had cold war with K before almost a month, problem is with me. Hahahha small gasses! I somemore talk to bu about it and he's like "talk with him lar". K's been really tolerate with me. I lovessss and sorry to act like a bitch sometimes. Still remember once he had a gf after so long we've been true bestie like 2 years. I was sho depressed! I kept nagging to bu, like someone gonna share my stuff. We always hang out for movie and dinner date, so when he has a gf, obviously I'm the one being sacrifice and of course I'm willing to and has to! Now he's back to single again, reason IDK too deep.

Its like a good thing for me but at the same time I'm worried! He's going to hit 26 soon! Its time to soak in a looooong term relationship! But if he's single all the way, no worries. We gonna maintain our friendship till our hair turns grey.

We met by chance and turned into friends and now our destiny keeps us close to each others making our friendship grow more with the passing time.

You are a friend of a life time!
Friendship often ends in love, but love in friendship...NEVER!


Anonymous said...

hey i was wondering what eyeliner you use cause mine always smudges :'( and what curling tong did you use? your curls look pretty ^^



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