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Farmland Steamboat Porridge at Pudu

I'm gaining weight so badly! Blame Mr Sun!!! We both did actually. Big big sighs..another post about our supper! Food again...but you will enjoy =)

Talk about Steamboat porridge, besides you know that its about replacing the soup base with porridge, what else do you know? Well, scroll further and spot that big wordy board.

10 advantages of eating porridge. Whoa~
Better complexion, stronger, longer life, stress free, moisture your throat, reduce stomach bloating...holly crap. I do not know any about this...but its stated there. Believe it or not, up to you. All i know its about YUMMY!

Choices of porridge- white (normal), pumpkin and sweet potato (yellow) and spinach (green) porridge.

That one in the middle looks gross! I hate pumpkin!!! Wanna order spinach porridge but mum and baby both disagree. How bad! They said it looks like colouring. No way! I bet it was the real thing! Who tried before that spinach porridge do let me know k =P

Tummy ringing~

Hygiene is the new trend. LOL

Part of our food. The MUST item during steamboat!

Pork slices

Fu Chok and crystal fish ball!

Beef. Nom nom nom~we heart this to the max!

Fish noodle and dumplings

To satisfied myself, i ordered SPINACH. Oh yums!

Haven't started to eat, my sis already had this funny face. She just cant wait for it. Owh my boot boot! 

Essence of the porridge. No one can grab this from me! Sticky porridge which will only get at the corner of the pot or after the porridge is cold. Heaven~


Fattie me

Fattie him


I have this silly thoughts in my mind all the time, i bet some of the girl do thought of it too. Hoohah!

So here's the question, "if one day i grew fat and fatter, will you still want me?"

Stop booooo-ing me!

I don't know how many millions time i repeated this question and heard how many time he answering me the same thing again and again, but i never get bored of it.

His sets of answer:

1. Oh please la, stop asking this while you already know i wont.
2. How many time you wanna ask?
3. I will dump you lo
4. Love is not about look and please ask yourself how long we've been together?

1 and 2- he's annoyed by me so he gimme this sucky answer.
3- while he wanna tease me and look at my reaction but after that he'll screwed by me!
4- when he's in a really good mood, so answer also sweet dit geh.

Happy Sunday and 101010 peeps!



Chester Khuan said...

Nope, you don't look fat at all. Still very lovely. As for the restaurant, using plastic to wrap bowl and spoon give a hygienic feel but is not environment friendly. Thinking whether to give it a skip. ^^

Anonymous said...

seriously...i dun think u are fat =)



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