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Italiannies at Gardens

Lovey dovey =) likes the woody feel alots!

Bread and vinegar with olive oil

Toasted Bruschetta

Topped with marinated tomatoes, pesto sauce and Parmesan cheese

Warm serving bread is Ohhhhhsuuuum!

Parmesan Crusted Fish

Oven baked fish filet, served over fried zucchini and red onion strings with white capers sauce

Don't really like what its under the fish. Oily max vege!

Seafood Risotto
Da yums! But i prefer the rice is cooked not that raw. Another ways to eat the RICE!


No like at all! Thumbs down! I still prefer Alexis's. I hate to be brave and try out unknown food, and get disappointed at the end! If it amaze me, it would be better. Epic fail! Got water leaking from the cake as shown in the picture (mixing with choc sauce)

Movie at Gardens. Grown ups! Its worth to watch, but I'm looking forward "You again!" That's the girl version of Grown Ups. Coming soon~


simonso said...

not nice wan the picture.. haaaaa!

tiffany tan said...

yea la...not like urs la...=(



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