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My boy received this yesterday night. And it was from BELL to ME.
Bu ask what i did, and honestly i don't know what had i done in my OWN TWITTER that steps on her tail.

What does she means by people with lowest IQ also know that I'm writing about her? Funny tho cause once i did, I'll received loads of DM from twitter and whatsapp gonna ringing nonstop. However it didn't happened  yesterday. She asked me to be matured at-least-a-bit and don't interfere her life but h-e-l-l-o what had i done weih lady? Plus she said like she didn't interfere my life before.

As what happened before, till now i also don't know why after my bf's dad birthday you'll went up to his house while you were only asking direction back to somewhere but definitely not SETAPAK during the birthday celebration of his dad. I heard the conversation right beside, YOU were asking direction and said YOUR car cant unlock by its remote. But why-oh-why what-oh-what makes YOU went to his house??? Don't tell me YOU gonna returned him stuff while YOU went MV and put it in the car earlier already? Even YOU did, why must YOU returned when he didn't ask for it?

Ok lets predict that she don't want his shitty present, wanna get over him.
Can't just trowed it? Must face-to-face?

But that night, you didnt bring anything-just-went-there-like-that, your blog did wanna get something back. Wow~after so long you realised you lost something important? BTW, i think it was only some cute monkey keychain. Wasn't it couple key chain, not really sure but if it you need that?

And you actually come once, twice, thrice...etc for returning and collecting issue.  o.0''
Also supper with my boy at SETAPAK all the way from SERDANG. You tweeted about that happily, but did you thought of how a girl might feel? Or how was it when it happen on you?
But anyway, things sad. In a way, I'm glad that you BELL let me see him clearly...deep down. Without you, i bet he still unable to differentiate what is memory what is love. Luckily you came back right after our 1 monthsary not anniversary, or else i don't even know what to do after so long we've been together. He's actually treating me better and more understanding after that incident, maybe people will tryna judge and said that he's feeling guilty and that's the reason he's treating me better, but i would say that yes he learned from that alot and he knows how to cares about people feelings and think in my point of view. He went to club, beer session, or movies etc without bringing me, he gimme a hell long report just to makes me feeling safe because i suspect too much after the incident. I act like a mad bitch day and night, every single second. That's the damage you've made yet also an experiment for both of us, thankgod we've made it till now.

Yet, I'm still feeling miserable why are you having problems with Sun's ex and gf?

Stephanie Lim or Liu also like that, now me? Was it our problems or yours?
I don't know what happened in between you-him-her so...yeah. No judging.

After a hell long tweet, she tweeted "I'm just too sensitive" but i bet that's not for me because i don't SIMPLY match people tweet with mine. And she DELETED all the tweet by saying that's nothing serious should care less. Bbbbbbut why tweeted so-many tweets just to FUCK ME bbbbbut without telling me what's happening? Oh well~

She deleted it after what she wrote all this don't make sense tweet but i chi-chak it down earlier.

She said I'm FUGLY.
(It means FUCKING-UGLY right if im not mistaken.)

To be honest, BELL is pretty-with-her-look and talented with great voice, can speak and write in good English. Lastly, I'm your reader also but not a stalker that stalk your tweet! Get it clear, you read my blog so do i. But what you are up too i don't know because i read your blog before i was with him and you don't. By calling me FUGLY i can said you are blind or bias. If after make up I'm still looking that worst i don't mind you calling me that because even make up also cant help me this poor fat bitch. But with this look you still calling me FAT and FUGLY??? Then how many girls out there will be in this condition? You are skinny, yes you are and you admit but it doesn't mean that people which is meaty than you will be called FAT because obviously you are below average while I'm in average. I'm fat I'm fugly, so how about your friends that's having the same size with me? Or because they are your friends. BINGO!

Without even making things right and telling me what's happening and calling me sohai, is this a bit over reacted?

So since she decided to tweet all up without tagging my name, and I'm not even sure if it was me. I asked her nicely. I can said NICE if you can see her tweet.

There's her reply! Woosh~
I just send 2 tweets only and she replied that took 4 screen shots.
Bbbbbut, the questions I'm asking i didn't even get a reply but loads of FUCK, this what you call nothing serious eventhough you are using theeeese words? Asking me to be matured (abit) while you were scolding like i don't have a mother by NOT-EVEN-EXPLAINING what happened? Who's the one who act in such way?

By scolding pussy and fuck is your class, isit? I never act like a bitch, but YOU DO. I'm tired of your angry tweets all the time while I've done nothing, even the past. You came back wanna patch back with your EX which is my BF already, and still scolded me in you twitter? Oh my~world is changing! I never ever wanna post anything about you because its nothing sooooo GoooooooD. And till now, i don't even understand while the whole world doesn't even know what happened to three of us, why you posted up since you said you like-to-settled-stuff-behind-close-door??? You thought i will do that, so you did it first? IDK, but almost being dump by the bf cause of the ex gf is nothing so glory. Why would i?

This time different, because it is PUBLIC already. I cant act like seeing nothing, hearing nothing. Once again, you cross my limit and last time my boy ask me to tolerate, this time NO. I'm not scolding or blaming, but i think i should write a post for myself to proof that i-ain't-what-you-said.


You never ever did that before?

As the MSG you texted to my boy, is showed and said that YOU DID NOT INTERFERE and COMMENT on my Twitter BEFORE.

Hell long time ago, i was reading my POPTEEN and i tweeted this up. Yes, i was saying those models are getting uglier AFTER make up but not saying they are ugly. I don't think I'm wrong though UNTIL now...we buyers buy magazine to see NICE PRETTY picture and HELPFUL information.

But with those make up, i guess she thinks that is pretty (but idk why she don't do it on her) and i offended her EVENTHOUGH she did not follow me in twitter and she gimme-a-feedback by tweeting in her twitter without tagging @TiffanyTan0622. I think she never realised i would find this out, I'm just plain free today after my boy woke me in the freaking 945am because I'm still wondering what had i done that makes her so pissed.

She called me a FUGLY-FAT-BITCH again.
Hahaha, now i should not ever trust my friend and bf who told me I'm fine and should not diet again.
All i comment was about the make up (read as if you don't get it), and she get BURNT by my tweet? I don't get it, seriously.

Incase you were wondering and wanna double confirm whether the tweet above is from her, READ THIS which is from YESTERDAY. First was from Sept 1 and yesterday again, she just cant forget that. Oh my~

By calling me a stalker (look above), opps...its DAMN STALKER.

Now scroll down to have a glance at those pictures which i discovered.

Oh yea~yesterday my boy was out with his bunch of football meat gang for MU match.  Although his sister, sister's bf and my tweet is a bit misleading but I was at home blogging =)
Not what as you said, out with the lovey-dovey bf still STALKING your tweet non-stop like a DAMN-STALKER.

It was very shocking that your pictures is HERE--- for viewing my tweet. You view my tweetpic its impossible to said you did not "scroll" through my tweets right?


She's interested with what i eat in my life to-become-that-FAT.
The funniest part is...Top left picture i was only taking my friends food and tag her she also viewed it.
The tweet is " @lovedbymun curry mutton" only.

Also interested with what I'm doing with my boy.

For more captions for it, follow and stalk my past tweets. Then you'll able to find out.

She's alsoo interested with how's my life like and a lemon tea that Kent bought me from Bali that he claimed its super nice!

Blah...she's alsooo interested with my super plain random life.

She's alsoooo interested with what's happening to my boy.
Aren't you the one who always said flush me to toilet and ask me to move on? Did you? *serious eyes*
Or the tweet wasn't for me? Opps~i should not simply mix matching people tweets like this. But who else?

Opps. A repeated picture but I'm too lazy to edit again. Picasa is not my thing.

Again...she's is very very interested with what i eat and what kindergarten bottle that my dad bought me. People who followed me in twitter would've know what i mean.

Imma FAT-FUGLY-BITCH as you said, and why you care looking at my face?
I thought you will puke though, seriously.

She's is alsooooooo interested with whatever I'm doing with my boy and his sister, my nose became red and i bought groceries for steamboat w bf's family and also how i missed my movie.

All the tweetpics above said it all. It has your twitter profile picture with it, and why are you calling me A_DAMN_STALKER??? For the blog, i also had the picture but oh well, we read each others blog and i don't thinks that's a big deal as we just wanna know what's about it like the other readers, so its pointless to post it up.

Whatever it is, you gonna fight back, its you i know. For me, HERE it is. I don't wanna involve in your drama anymore and get scolded for nothing. This post it was for me to defense myself in a right way, but lastly...i do likes to read your blog.

An ending also a beginning.
Peace =)


Anonymous said...

great self-defense.

zm said...

you go girl~

anyway, u're pretty and sweet.. not what fugly or fat..

xo,Ashley said...

ganas sial babe! X)

Anonymous said...

yes looks like issabella kuan is the stalker 1st , i think she is just super jealous you are with your bf and she lost him , and now she is with that guy so she always compare her life and yours . deep down i know she is super jealous of you .

Gwen said...

Hi there, can I kno what apps is that u're using that enables you to see who viewed your pics? Thanks :)

tiffany tan said...

Anon thx =D
Ashley lol! Do I? I was just protecting myself.

tiffany tan said...

Zm thx for that. Hahaah Now I got my confident back. Lol

tiffany tan said...

Anon erm...what first lol?! Actually I don't really mind she stalk me or whatever. It's a twitter btw and I didn't private it but the things is...u know doing it herself still wanna scold me in this way, twisting the things like nobody knows. That's the things.

tiffany tan said...

Gwen it's not even any special app. Just a normal twitter =]

=) said...

O-M-G,you done it COOL.I bet she will speechless &vomit blood while she stalk about this post!ahahaha

Gwen said...

U mean those are screenshots of yr or twitter aps for iPhone? Sorry, I'm. Newbie at this :p

Thanks for yr patience!

random said...

Hey, i'm a follower of yours :) Honestly, I think the fugly one should be her, herself. She sounded so insecure and jealous. And she might be thin but she sure had a whole hell of fat face without a chin, no offence. Def she doesn't look her age either. She should look into the mirror real close too before calling others fugly. Be confident and care less after this post Tiffany, you should keep in mind that she's nothing to whether u or your boy. I pity her bf :P Lastly, you are gorgeous!!!!

tiffany tan said...

Wow is she really gonna be like that? So kua =D
Btw thx =)

Gwen yeap. Normal twitter but the pic i post up snap from iPhone. The comp also can check it out actually.

tiffany tan said...


Awwwwww...i like that! Thankiu so much! She really looks matured than her age but it happens to most of the gal tho hahah.
Yea too bad the bf didn't even know about it or ppl don't really mind. Love is HUGE yknow =o

Thx for THAT! <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiffany, thanks for posting this up otherwise we wouldnt know the real Bell. She is the stalker. sigh.

Anonymous said...

I'm both of your readers and I think printing out all these just to prove your justice doesn't make you not look like a drama queen.Infact it is the most childish thing I've ever seen.She has clearly moved on and you think she is jealous cause of you and your boy?Clearly you are still living in delusion.Her life is obviously better than yours and she has nothing to be jealous about.She has everything and everything better.Even as a blogger,a better one.Frankly,you're not even 'there' yet.Don't be so arrogant and cocky,you might not know what you've gotten into.This will only spoil your reputation,not hers.She has nothing to lose.Everyone stalks everyone's twitter and don't tell me you don't read Bell's.Blogging about this just shows how desperate can you get and proof how wanted you think you are.Grow up,Tiff.Just my to cents.No offence tho.

Anonymous said...

Have u ever think is Sun problem? From stephiie to bell and you because he don't know how to handle things properly and made all this drama happen.You all wouldn't have met each other if not because of him.

tiffany tan said...

Clearly Moved on? How? Explain to me what she did and how it makes sense?

Not jealous? Did I said anything about it? READ ALL if u wanna comm if nope, it's like essay without matching it's title!

Did I said she got so much too loose? I said he got very bad life?I did not! And why are u giving support here tryna ask me not this not that warned me? U should be at her blog, not mine honey. Lol

Btw yea I communicate by how I want myself to be present. Don't you read comm text book cz I do. It's my blog, I can do whatever I want and so do her. Why do I need to listen to YOU ANON which is from nowhere to live my life? Go get a better things to do. I know u have a better life than comm at my blog.

Thx for that superb long comm. =]

Another anon
Yes that's why I said thx to her that gimme know him clearly. Duh! Read la before u comm k =}

Oh yea, one hand doesn't makes sound. Heard it?

Btw did I even said I'm "there" or you the one who thinks so? Funneh! When u both or same ANON didn't know anything and you thought you know just because you READ it all. Oh gimme a break!

I personally prefer ANON to support me and ppl w name to offense me. This don't makes u look good by doing that creepy thing. No offense here. Thx

Fragile Array said...

Dear Tiff,
Honestly, i'm pity her and I envy ur courage.
People with courage to proof herself not guilty and still even trying to give face to the girl who's tryin to ruin her life. Really envy u ^^ and dear, sometimes to tell the truth is really not easy. But who cares? They only can judge, no point for us to bother their judgement.

And for the pity girl, the more I read ppl told us how she got everything, she doesnt have to be jealous with u coz she got good bf, she move on, she has nice blog etc etc.. The more obvious and clearly she still has a problem with u and cant move on. She might me perfect on the surface to show it to ppl, but no one knows what is exactly inside her heart. Am i rite? :)

No fire, then no smoke babe. U got the boy's heart, what for u have to bother the EX's life? So, who start the fire first? ^^
My suggestion, come on Bell.. Don't be so dramatic. Tiffany already open herself tryin to settle all the problems with u, now show some good deeds. Both of u, make a good communication to solve it rather than war ^^

I love peace ^^
So funny.
Don't worry dear Tiffany, just do what u think it's right and screw with the others.

Anonymous said...

LOL making things public its called settle things ?Its only making things worst.Common if Tiff wants to settle things in a mature way she wouldn't even write this friggin long essay post and shows how desperate she is to feel so wanted and everyone is so not over her drama with Bell and bring the whole thing up again.And Bell is confronting her for some other reason and not about things about Sun anymore.So make it clear.If
Bell would wanna start fire and make a drama she won't do it privately and settle things in some other way unlike Tiff,making so much noise and tries to earn her readers support by using such desperate ways like screen shot and etc and publicize it.Give you a break?Give us all a break!

Fragile Array said...

Ermm.. bfore the blog, she asked directly to bell on twitter rite? But instead Bell brought it up by sms-ed the ex bf without have a gut to tell directly to tiffany. If I were her, i should hv a right for an explanation also.
U accused ppl in public, but u didn't explain it as well.. What if u are Tiff? What would u do?

So, yeah..

Anonymous said...

for those readers who trusted bell is just because of her look! they didn't know how's her personality i guess! i think she is more drama than you!

Anonymous said...

posting up those screenshots of her viewing your twits doesn't make her a stalker, it also doesnt mean she hasnt moved on for that matter.. a normal girl would do that. i mean, who doesnt update on their exs and see how they're getting on with the new gf right? and not to mention the past with all the conflicts you 3 have had, any girl would do it to try to make themselves feel better . so by shaming her in public? that's not going to make you feel any better either. just ignore it, people will look up to you by doing so. but not this, it just further shows how much you want revenge and how much you want to ruin her reputation.oh and you're not fat nor ugly :) that is just her insecure talk. dont let it get to you.

Anonymous said...

TO BELL: Seriously, I think you clearly haven’t moved on. I am readers for both you and tiff’s, not only blogs but twitter as well. Like honestly, you always attacked her. Eg: (Once in twitter)you attacked her saying something like “someone who put potatoes in a capsium is stupid?” lol I can’t really remember the exact one but do you seriously think you are the one who can do a cooking post? LOL. Even if she did immitate you, which is quite obvious though, you shouldn’t have attacked her just like that. Like hello, what has she done to deserve such treatments? Just because she had Sun’s heart and you don’t? Please. I was once your loyal reader, who seriously think you have everything, like the perfect girl in and out. But the more drama you’ve made(which obviously you said you did not), the more I see how bitchy you are. From Sun’s ex till the current one, you always attacked them like nobody’s business and make sure everyone think you are the innocent one. Bell, you’ve clearly degrade yourself. What will you feel if Tiff keep on twitting you and describe you with all those negative words? LOL. Can you ever don’t feel anything about it? It’s really hurtful you know. And you said she made a big fuss on her blog by posting all those evidences? Hey, guess you had forgotten that you once posted all those private convo with Sun in your blog too. Just accept the fact, so what if Sun’s a player? He just fucking left you for Tiff. Just get over it.

P.S: Pls don’t tell me to stop reading your blog because you can fucking don’t blog if you don’t want people to judge. You should’ve expected that.

Fragile Array said...

Wow, anonymous.. I think u shouted most of the reader's feeling here. Nice ^^



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