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SHI LIN madness with Mr Kent

Actually we suppose to go for a movie at Mid Valley but then...that dumbo dint manage to buy online and he say that today wont have the crowd. When we reached...OH DAMN~what is that snake que lining till the escalator side? Since cant rush up to any movie and lazy to que up so we...decided to take some light meal. SHI LIN the first choice. He said that he's drooling for the XXL chic chop. *my mind appear...oily*
Then i told him im gonna eat a little bit only dont order that much and i want to eat that chic floss roll. He share he also will eat a little only but now...u see what had he done! Another extra Oyster mee...oh god! The way he order shock me. U know SHI LIN menu only has 6 he just point to the cashier...:"this, this and this.." Whoa~i was dreaming when this happen to shopping time. Watcha thinking gals?

My chic floss roll. Loved~

Mr kent favourite chic chop. FATTENING! He ate 1/5 lol

Oyster mee...timesquare outlet is better atl least they gave u more oyster.

Full of CHICKEN FLOSS...must try peeps.




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