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AUG 24, 2009
Mr Joseph gimme a new hair cut and he promise me everything will be fine. Im scared...because i've been not trimming my hair for few mth i guess...or maybe half a year. Opps~
Cause im afraid that they might trim it and end up my hair length might facing danger. NO NO~
End up~he cut my hair for 5-6 inches i guess....heartache lo. Feel like crying at first and feels like scolding him~
But actually, my hair is in heavy volume the length was not that obvious in some part. Phew~
Then later on, he dye my hair for me too. Its free~whee! I just sit there and he mix the colour for me. I believe in him! I think since his artistic director he should know what suits me rite? So i shut up!

After 45 mins....done! Thats my new hair colour but then...the real colour will only show up after 3 days if i wash my hair often. Now~my hair is stinks! I hate those smell and my hair condition is abit dried now. Hair mask is what i need now~S.O.S

STAY TUNE for my real colour show up ^^




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