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DG Color Model Search 2009---FINAL

Im dieting! Im dieting! Im dieting!
Mr Joseph ask me to eat pan mee in the morning before my DG final start. Gosh~i hate him! Looking at them with the doggie eye and eating taufufa~licinnya! but i manage to get 2sip of it to satisfied my taste bud. Jason and Kevin came along too.

casual wear and designer wear from Raffles
Dinner dress...praying hard that hope i wont get caught with the dress.

SUB academy students. Since the previous experience, i get smarter this time. I make up my own and when i reached there, some of the girls asking me that who make up for me and its nice. I say i make up my own, they were like "no wonder la..."
p/s im not trying to say that my make up skill is so professional, but at least i know what my face suit. THEM? Forget about it! All the girls rush into toilet after done their make up by them, why? Guess u have the answer already.

Joseph and me with his hair do

Ahaha~talking with baby while hair-do-ing
1st session-group catwalk with Soo Wicci singing BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE
This song is written and composed by her when she join MISS WORLD. Google it, u'll loved it!
Well, she's a talented intelligent and pretty gal.

Those Tee is design by our own. Can see that every ladies did put their efffort on it.

2nd session- product catwalk
Every gals nitemare
Picture credited to all the photographer. Thx ^^

3rd session-glamour/casual wear
Mark based on the creativity u present ur outfit and catwalk

After individual catwalk, then came to group pose to see the team work

Comment time
I was pretty upset with what i get. They said that they gonna penalised the mark because i dint attend the shooting they held at Bukit Tinggi and i told them that my grandma was in critical moment during that time. They said "owh, grandma story again" It seems like they dont believe right? Why dont they have kind hearted? Even if u dont believe, u shouldnt said that right? I was almost burst off my tear when they said so and for real my grandma just past away no longer. However, i dint regret that i dint attend the outdoor shoot. At least i did something that i choose and its worthy than this. A competition and a family, which u are in?

Pairing catwalk with Erica
heart this alot! We did a great job!

3rd session-designer wear from Raffles
Love my corset and short puffy skirts =) but its kinda loose for me and the pin all over the skirts.
Sexy Erica wearing half transparent dress...whee whit ;P

Baby came to buy me 100plus during the break
Im nervous and stress all the while and luckily that i have "someone" here for me

Wadzi and me
Love her body proportionate, she got her boobs her butt in well inches XD
4th session-dinner dress

Sally with her bloody red dress

All the pretty ladies in dinner dress...whoa!

Rachel...owh~i loved that dress!
Vinx the singer. Its kinda awkward when u met ur fren there and he was performing while u were competing there. Stress! Thats why i dint ask either of my friend came besides baby said he should came to support me.
Support him as well yeah~his new album is out. GO! GO! GO!
Vinx and Tiffany

Contestant with the POP STAR winner.
Jean babe and me


Prica, Sonia, and Jane
Acting Lady-like
love the blue. When i get thise dress i dont really like it tho, to me it was bulky and the colour look weird on me. Suprisingly the effect came out quite good under the camera. maybe its the photographer technic...LOL
This is what i mean above "when im competiting and his performing".......

All the 13 finalist




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