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Baby and I have loads of misunderstanding lately and unfortunately we break up for couple of days to cool down especially me. We did find each other that we wanted him/her to be the future but is easy, get along with is difficult. It need alots of communication and patience which i dont have.

After few days cooling down our self, we meet up for a talk because he said he made the decision and he know what he know what he wanted for sure. So...we went to movie again like our first date.

This time we are not buying any pop corn or junks, WE HAVE SUBWAY in the cinema.

Beef steak
A smile before gaining weight.

Turkey ham and breast and also the camera shy guy

Noticed something??? We were wearing the same design...but aint couple shirt. =)
Perhaps, we should

He loved my bag. LOLsss
And i love without bags...

Baby bang his car while he's on the way fetching me. At that moment he bang was just same as the moment he message me. My responsibility he claimed that. Not that serious but...its a big problem too.

Not only me the dependant girl, but it happens to my bag and sweater too XD

With the break light effect, we look super bloody red.
Baby...arent u suppose to drive and LOOK IN FRONT? U just bang ur car rite?

This singlet bought by baby~i wonder if he knows that he got an exactly same shirts as well?
After the movie, baby bring me to his car boot and ask me to press the car key button. I dare not so he was forced to open it himself. I saw some red stuff there and when i can see clearly i found that it was roses!
When i saw the flower he did ask me whether i loved it anot, i just said "wasting money".
I guess he was kinda stunt that time...Hmnnn~
I might be not loving the roses, but I LOVE U for sure. So dont worry with the answer i give and pls no more flower when u made me angry. I prefer pulling ur ears up and down. Whee~!
Thank u for everything...since the day u bump in my life.

He told me that there is 12 roses meaning "i love u". I asked means not forever la (99)...he said if he give it this time then what he gonna give next time? I said "999" XD happy me!

I know that we've been depress and lost for the last few days but im glad that u made ur way back and increase ur patience once again =)
Relationship does not come in a smooth way
We have too many joy and we forgot about the tears we might face sometimes
Not letting it go easily its what the key to success for a sweeter future
Guess i just have to learn more from him
We watch Surrogates today, it does let us understand that love need patience and face the fact tough




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