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Silent Love

We actually planned to watch Phobia 2 but people should learn to be flexible right? Instead of waiting it to show after few hours why not just select the opportunity choice that are available? That's why we go for another Thai movie.


Story line is about a girl that suppose to be a band drummer get kick off cause by the flower heart bf. Then she nearly get kidnapped by the gang who did crime like selling organs and transform women tears into sex addicted perfume. She is one of them that have valuable tears...but a guy save her out.
The guy lost her wife in the day they get married and the guy did know that his wife were also kidnapped by them, they used this gal as a bait. Trained her with drunken kung fu crossover with Hip Hop Break dance. Sounds great? Watcha waiting for? And of course for people who don't love fighting actions movie, this is not what you seek for.
I named her another kind of pretty that not every gal has.

AYI, the movie is all real fight in scene and no replacement for dangerous stunt. Believe me, it will impress you.

Agree with what i mention? A different kind of pretty.

She's wild, cool, boyish, cute, innocent...

We manage to went in the cinema earlier even though after buying junks and shopping before the movie.
While watching the movie, I'm impress with the stunts they had because some of them are combination of dance and Muay Thai. I love dance and i hope to protect myself with end up, i Whee-Whee-Wah-Wah in the cinema. Luckily we get a side couple seat if not, i will be getting many pairs of eyes staring at me after the movie.
"Will you be like that in the future?" Bubu
"I hope so...why?" Me
"I'm afraid that you might be learning it to...." Bubu
Owh~he's coward! But honestly, i hope there is someone to fight with me. Raise your hands up now!!!
No one...okay!

One thing i felt touch + sweet is...Bubu hand get paralyse during movie-ing but he never told me or even moved his hand to more comfortable place. I lying on his hand from the beginning to the end of the movie because its raining outside and so freaking cold inside the cinema.
Hello! Its 1 and a half hour more but he just shut up there besides opening his mouth wide (he get stunt by the move), laughing (jokes) or talking with me. But he should blame himself for not bringing any sweater for me.
Heeee~I love you Bu!

Its DINNER TIME! What's next?!

Bubu took my family out for dinner instead just both of us.

I was surprised by him because after the movie...
" Bii, call mummy now ask whether she wanna out for dinner later anot." Bubu
"Joining us?" Me
"If not...?" Bubu
-i was smiling sweetly at that moment-

I don't know why, it really meant a lot to me if the guy ajak my mum automatically but not what i purposely plan for it. Bubu did kept his commitment to me, I'm glad to have him as now and future if possible.

This is what I've told Bubu earlier, relationship is not just about you and me, but it involve both of our families member. For me, what he did its a promised that telling my parents indirectly that he will take good care of me. Don't you guys agree that relationship that involve with family member will be more stable? In don't know what fact, it works on mine.

We heading to my favourite place that served awesome BUTTER MILK (soup).
Well, the place is gross and dirty and pack with tables and customer but food is awesome. That's why no matter how the place may look like, people are still queuing for food over there.
Its located just opposite PUDU PLAZA, PUDU. In front of 7-11. Its not a shop, just a stall beside the road.

Great angle create a perfect him He should thank me by now.
Owh~that innocent look often makes me stop angry him even how piss am I when he blinked that eye.

Now you can judge how "great" is the environment here and decide to eat it or leave it.

Bought him new earrings. In loved with this once i saw it.
Plastic VS Wood

Now here's the food serving HOT!!!

Sizzling Fish serve in Hot & Sour Sauce

My Faaaaaaavourite!
Butter Milk in Soup Style
I used to pour the whole soup on my rice and AYI this is one of the dishes that can make me EAT RICE.

IDK what it called but we named it 树苗叶 in Chinese.

Bubu Faaaaavooooourite!
Bitter gourd fried Mix Meat

Well, a little info for you about the pricing. Total up was Rm 62.
Aren't it's cheap and nice? (besides the environment)


laine.lwk said...


yea, i agree on 'love is not abt the two of us, sometimes, family members too'

keep on writing gal :)

all the best...

tiffany tan said...

thx for the support laine =)
ahaha~whats ur horoscope?

laine.lwk said...

it's Virgo ;)

tiffany tan said...

oh ahaha~the perfectionist huh?

laine.lwk said...

well, depends on how you look at it. yea, i am- in certain things. but not so much cuz sometimes reality bites ;)

i try to live a lot to my fairy-tale-expectations, but to be realistically rational also at the same time. up to some point, at the least... random, sometimes a bit too random, but i'd still try to keep my sanity on check.




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