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The Single Days...

His name was Joseph too, but not my BF. XD

He was one of my really really good buddies. I met him during my pageant, he was the stylist which i felt impress with his work and hair-do. Flash back to few months ago, when im still not in relationship and caught in trouble they were the friend who stay beside me, help me. I appreciate that from the deepest of my heart.

Every time we hang out, we broke into tears of joy until we hugged our tummy yelling each other to stop making jokes anymore...just like today. We went yamcha at Steven's Corner which i love their tosai with bawang telur a lots.

Look what I've found when i was digging inside the bag?
A bow tie! I was forced to wear it on my head because he complain that it was too tight so i have to use my big head to enlarge it.

Was waiting for Jason to come over but wait till the neck was long enough to be a giraffe, he FFK because of the GF. Aikx~we can understand that. Because few a month plus ago we were still single that's why we hang out madly, but now...everyone in the gang has their one and only now. Wishing everyone will stay long lasting... ^.^

Oh-La-La..i could be a present too.

Later on, we hop to Taman Muda for dinner! They had really nice Yong Tau Foo over there and great curry noodles. Was drooling for the fried fu zhok now...Argh~

Jason- I named him MrJinJing. His mouth never stop taking craps in bad way but sometime his kinda buddie also geh. Hehehe~
When i was in trouble, he never say no to me. We even did many craziest thing before...Damn!
This pathetic people will give me a weird emotions when he see me eating egg. He say it is stinks! God~

Reno- The naive guy. Always nerd nerd but actually his mind might turning faster then us. LOL
His shop was currently facing difficulties, really hope that he can pass thru this, if not it might have to end up the business. Pls pray for him too. Okay? Mwah~

They were actually heading to Genting later. Wishing to follow but damn...i got class eh. What to do? Just gotta see them say bye bye to me and i gotta say have fun to them. UNFAIR!

Later on, Mr JinJing went Old Town-ing with me to get rid of the night, i wonder why...
That night is so cold until i could get freeze and having chicken skin.
The weather is horrible...and something appear in my mind...2012. Means end of the world?

Miss miss miss...those single day
We could play pool together, talk craps without limit, steamboat...Owh~




World Peace


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