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Whoo-Hoo Day

Was in bad mood today, final is today and its Chemistry. I have no idea with it. Damn!

Met that Mangkali Seng before my exam and then we went for lunch. In a sudden my mind drag me to McD Happy Meal. Wheepie~i guess i will be cheer after getting that free toys. But things doesn't come as smooth as i thought! That dumbo McD is saving their cost i guess. How come my Happy Meal don't have the box like everyone do? Fine, lazy arguing.

Don't really have the mood to finish it up. Was full after 2 pieces of nugget. Maybe I'm too stress...for the no idea final coming in 1 hour later. So the pity little nuggets go to Seng's mouth.
So while Seng is eating, i unpack my Free Toys!!! Hmnn~seems it need some D.I.Y

Ta-daaaa~its done! By sticking up some sticker. You guys wont believe, this piano do come with sounds when you press it. LOL

I still remember those day while i was in primary and secondary school that time.
McD once is pack with customer who wanna buy FREE TOYS! You guys still remember? Those collection like Winnie The Pooh, Hello Kitty, Snoopy.....
Everyone is mad about it. Even my mum did so. of them right?

After lunch...gotta rush back to main campus. STUDY!!!
I get a sit in the highest floor to study because i couldn't find a chair there. In a sudden, i realise...the scene up there is peaceful and nice. (for me lah)

Later on, went home for a warm bath and wait for BUBU to finished work. So after 10pm we went to TESCO to hunt for junks that gonna use to feed the guest that came to his party tomorrow. Saw the tiny green watermelon there? It is not suppose to be here because he said no need treat them so good, but i keep it in the trolley until he's willing to pay for it. So many junks and alcohol, there must be some looking healthy food or fruit as well right?

Gonna cook for tomorrow. Damn~I'm worried that I'm gonna make someone diarrhea. Bubu, should we just order pizza and catering? But what in my mind is, everything come in low cost and high quality is the best! I can cook la weih~

Mangkali Seng is our Ah Sei for today. He was pushing the trolley all the while and me and Bubu walking in front and he's at the back. LOL
He also did suggest that buy ALPO to feed them, hmnnn~since they gonna get drunk, i dont think they will noticed geh. BUT WAIT! Alpo not cheap also weih!!!

Imagine that if i'm not here now, two big guys here buying groceries stuff. Watcha gonna think?
Well, for me...GAY ASS!

Ah Sei gotta work again.

And me...its time to sleep. Tomorrow is my turn to work like Ah Sei!




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