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Bubu Daddy's Birthday Dinner

Is Big Sun birthday today~
We went to Yew Lik to celebrate Big Sun birthday and had steamboat dinner. Da yumm~because Big Sun love that steamboat shops a lots. Even Sunway Mentari are having great deal of steamboat buffet (all you can eat) but Big Sun still prefer here.

Having Tom Yam and Original soup
Bubu face get chubby so suddenly for no reason and her mom did even notice and kept asking him why, maybe she's afraid of i torture her little cute son.
Trying to cover the chubby face but hello~can u eat like that? can see the real CHUBBY face. I wonder why...till now we both still haven't figure out what's happening.

My egg with yolk in liquid form. Yum Yum Yum!!!

Bubu can't really enjoy his food due to some problem happen to his friend. So phone call non stop. Rang-Hang-Rang. That poor thing with tummy calling face while stuck on the phone.

Look at is happy face when he gets to eat again. LOL~
Tom Yum freaks!!!

Lazy him lazy to style his hair but still mind how people look at him. What to do?
Like this...
I said i don't feel like eating prawn. Ahaha~he knows why and....ACTION (peeling the shell)

Why are you looking me like that Dumbo?!

Big Sun birthday cake in mango flavour. Small Sun and me were aiming the berries on top.

Big & Small Sun beloved ones-the wife and mum. (opps, black top)

And here's Big Sun and Small Sun

Sun's family

There is no birthday song for Big Sun because...he was shy. Owh~how cute.

Cutting the cake and....EAT! Small Sun still looking for food even though he had eaten my portion too.

See see see~Big Sun is happy smiling with the cakes.




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