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You Can Be a Sweet Dream Or a Nightmare

When you smile to me, you let me know how much i meant to you;
When you kiss my forehead telling me i like your smell, you makes me feel that i belong to you;
When you hold my hand tight, it let me feels like you were protecting me like a baby.
All of these little single incident, paint up every single dreams i had into sweet dreams.

I love the way you tease me.
I love you hug me tight from in front and behind, i feel secure and there's nothing to be afraid of.
I love your body with Dettol smell.
I love the way you rub your nose on mine adding up with the smilingly round eyes.
I love you feed me when i got no appetite.
I love you understand what my eyes trying to tell.
I love the way you handle my emo period.
I love...ALL OF YOU~

I appreciate...All you did for me.

There is a day, i had a nightmare. In that dream, i was driving and suddenly a car spinning in front of me and there he knock me. That moment, i still remembered till now. I was wishing to wake up ASAP but i can't. I turned my face to another side (guess I'm too afraid being ugly causing by the scars) and i got knock down stuck inside the car. I crawled out even though how suffer i felt at that moment, they send me to the hospital. When you are dreaming, you always thought it was real, you just couldn't differentiate it. I get coma and struggling not to be dead shouting his name inside the heart. I never know that he is that important to me until i woke up from that dream. I lying on the bed for few minutes to recall back what happen and why. I guess there is the only answer i can get. He bump in my life without any notice.

This is not a sad case but i can't say that's a happy case though. That's a warning! I step in to it too deep and fast. I get afraid...afraid things will get expire. You know, when the food i bought is expired i never threw it, don't know why but my mum did for me all this while. I hate wasting my time, past, now and future. I scare when i used to a guy, he left, and i have to used to be all by myself again until a guy bump in and i have to used to another him again, understand him again...recycle again and again. Oh gosh~aren't that wasting life? (but i understand there's no such thing come in shortcut) Maybe because i hate repeating the same thing and Sun knows that, that's why he never asked me same question in twice besides "Do you love/ miss me?"

Every single morning he woke me up with his sweet voice.
Every noon he remind me to take my lunch .
Every break time he call me or text me just to help me kill my time.
Every night he will lullaby me and join my dream.
And this is repeating in every single day, only this...i hope its gonna repeat and repeat...EVERYDAY. sweet dream will only last.

The sweetest the dream is, the horrible the nightmare gonna be.




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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