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Dinner at Kissaten

After the MISS CLEAN START contest. Me and Bubu went for dinner to celebrate. Hmnnn~perhaps we should say that we are craving for food seriously and im about time to sumbit my food review. So no matter how, the dinner must be on!

AYI, KISSATEN is located at Jaya One Palm Square Wai Sek Gai 1st floor.

One thing i like about the restaurant is the ambiance is great, food never disappoint you and price range is in affordable by major.

Need more details?

Feeling good now? Besides great food, they do serve varieties of beer and liquor as well. From German to Japan and bla...don't really know it because i don't drink often. But Bubu said it was cheap to drink there. So why not to drink here instead of paying more at the club but cant even talk softly. Maybe, guys are looking for different thing like gals, they look for hot Chic's as well.

We choose to dine in indoor because out there is surrounding by smokers. I don't feel that get choked there. Happy announcement that...Bubu promised to cut down smoking. Surprisingly right? He never look like a smoker to me. Besides club, he will never smoke, this is what he promised me.

Drink of the day---Cucumber Lychee
Taste refreshing after drinking it, is not only juice but came with FIBER PUREE (liquid mashed with vege) that you can really taste it. Some might feel disgusting if they don't love vegetables.

Teppan Wafu Burger Steak
New word to you? Well, Wafu translate to Chinese name 和风. By the combination of western and Japanese style. There's a different experience of eating steak. This is not beef but pork. Pork are been blend to small tiny pieces and put it together again to pan fried. With the preparation, it makes the texture of the pork tender and easier to absorb.

Sauce they serve is kinda salty, if not mistaken it suppose to be radish sauce.

Stuffed Gyoza Wings
How stuff? I was wondering once i saw the name.

Great! Now i discover a new thing! U thought it was wrap by some flour and fried? No, it isnt!

There are still chicken skin and meat in the outer layer and inner layer is what the called Gyoza filings. Served with something similar with BBQ sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken Pizza

Bubu and I was attract by the eggyolk that shown in the menu. So we were actually kinda hard to choose either Char Siew Pizza or this. End up, this is our selection. Char Siew...I'm gonna get you at next time.

"This is even greater than Pizza Hut's pizza." said by Bubu

The dough is thin enough for people who easily get greasy after having something cheesy or starch overload. Most amazing is, after it is cold, you still can eat it and not feeling its sucks.

We don't really know how to eat with the egg, so i spread it on top of the pizza and half of the yolk is directly in my tummy.

Texture of the filling is creamy but you will never felt that is too cheesy and greasy. Some watery combination with the dry dough and seaweed.

This is what they called JAPANESE CROSSOVER ITALIAN.


It is so yummy that i could probably blog half of the pages with this.

Bubu never love vegetables in green color. So i guess...this is really tasty that he could finished it if i dint grab i back from him.

What's make you think of when you saw 2 straw in a glass?
A. No money for extra glass of drink
B. Wanna have more food instead of drinks
C. Couple style
D. Others

feel free to let me know yeah =)

Instead of fighting over a drink, perhaps we should share.

Happy with his food. LOL~

Love that shines through the heart. Opps~i mean my pendant. Ha-Hah!

"Lets have this" Bubu
"I thought Someone don't like cake?" me
"Nah~this is different, its pudding la bii" Bubu

What i feel at that moment?
+.+ =.= *.* @.@

because i don't think there is a different, its dessert anyway.

Choco Pudding is what we both seek for. MUST TRY!!!
Texture is more alike chocolate ice cream. YUM-MIE~
Soft and creamy with super rich chocolate taste with spread of honey.

Can you feel how i feel? I'm not eating Haagen-Daz but i feels like I AM EATING IT.
Please believe me, I'm not saying good stuff just because I'm writting food review for this restaurant.

AYI, I'm writing food review for DEC issue of Kelana Jaya Speaks, and probably might expand to beauty and fashion review.

Dreaming that day and night, if i'm able to do so. WHEEPIE WHOOPA! Im saving a lots of money for food, skin care and cloths!!!
(praying to god hardly now)

Bubu wants more. Should i share?
Hmnnn~sometime selfish is just being fair to our self. Sorry Bubu~
Don't hate me guys, your girl beside might just nodding their head and agree with me now.

There is time to kill while waiting another dessert to serve to the table.
What to do? To color up all the memory.


Awww~he steal my CHOCO PUDDING!

Evidence left!!! Bubu used to eat up the prawn shell even it's not fried to super cruchie. I was wonder, why not he tried the chicken wings as well? Probably he'll loved it.

He's felling guilty after stealing my pudding.

This is what he said to me "I will love you until the day you dont love me"'s not that sweet as "I will love you forever" but fact is...he's telling the fact instead of lying just to make me smile at that moment but after broke up, i will still thinking that commitment and curse him to hell.

The promise we before the day we start.

Yeap! I'm a perfectionist in certain way. I used to plan up all the thing before i deal with it, well there may be slightly out of the shape but not out of the track! That's why before we start, we took time to tell more about each other, observe and voice out what we want instead of flirting around and don't know what we really dealing with or who we're dealing with.

I'm the person who once said yes, i will always stick to the YES I've said. Aren't you suppose to know and predict how its gonna be since you've made your choice? If it wasn't a mistake make by him (example: betray...etc) i wont shake my ass off in a sudden.

Bubu~I'm pregnant. Are you happy now?

Don't freak out, or u might be laughing. But what I'm saying is...the top that I'm wearing give people illustration of I'm PREGNANT!

Aww~there is a girl beside me.

He might be regretting to have such a retarded girl as girlfriend.

Finally our Azuki Pancake arrive
Inside filling was red bean paste

Flying kiss~
Does this look femiliar? When i were small, my parents used to ask me to give goodbye kiss to the elderly when its time to leave. Did your parents did so?

Kissing, surely not what my mum thaught me but i learn myself. LOL~




World Peace


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