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Miss Clean Start Dermalogica

How i wish my bubu can attend the event with me together. Yikes~but he has to work. So all gotta on my own. Get invitation by Dermalogica to attend their new product launch...Clean Start range. Slogan do attract me---" I just need something that help once"
Wow~means only with first apply you can actually feel it or this will definitely help.
Im late again...god~

Luckily when i reached, the event havent start and about to start in 10min time. Lucky me~i was worried in the car, thinking how to sneak in without any notice. I dont want anyone stare at me because of being late.

Love the colour combination!

Where the speech gonna held at...a place that full of mirror and of course product.

Well well well...those product are actually to let youngster to experience how does it work.
Saw a cute guy there wearing some girly shower cap?
Awww~he's really cute.

Ready for the new splash?

Speech maker of the day

Owh god~i saw A B C...Z

right: " how was it?"
left: "oh god! I feel it... and it works at once! its amazing!!!"

After the product knowledge been given, we were spiced up by some hot babes!
I spotted her!!! She's really charming, sweet and sexy babe!

But there is a little "incomplete" in the way they perform. They are from some dance academy but then...even basic like song edit...they dint even make it well. I wonder why? Song were just cut and paste, that's all! It suppose to be adding effect when the other song joining in right? They change 5-6 songs which is all latest hitz songs but then the dance dint really bring the hitz up. I still feel that my dance gang still the best, i least the basic knowledge are enough to make it perfect. When they finish their dance, everyone had the same action like me "HUH?"

Know why? This is because the song were playing till the middle and suddenly just silent! Oh god!!! How could this happen? At least should be a decreasing sound effect right? Everyone face like "oh, isit end?"

Shake Shake Shake~messy sexy
Host of the day

So after the dance end, they suddenly announce that they are going to announce Mr and Ms CLEAN START now. The host announce "LIM XXX XX" for twice but no one get to the stage, so later that they found that it was a mistake and announce again " TAN XXX XX"
I was like...WTF! Is that my name? Since when i joined that? Unbelievable man! My happy face shown without hiding. I planned to buy their product earlier but was hoping to understand more how it works but seems save up!!!

Ready to shake???!

For, tres, two, uno...
Later on, i was been ordered to dance as well with the dancers just because im Ms CLEAN START. Am i suppose to smile?

Refreshment that they serve

Wow! Does this word attracts you? Like feeling something real healthy? I did!

Tuna tuna~



I just cant resist and took each some to taste. Tarts was awesome!!! Fruit is fresh and filling is creamy than you thought!

Creamy Carbonara pasta with needle mushroom

They serve something they claimed is really healthy and good for us---BIOXIL if not mistaken

Nice ambiance huh? Im in KLCC ASTER SPRING.
Where women called it HEAVEN!

End of the day and im bringing home a lot of goodies!!!

Door gift that they provided

Miss CLEAN START prizes. Whee~now there is a period my skin care money gonna save up and spend for others!

I wish there are more this kinda event to attend. At least there in no effort require in order to win this kinda contest. Right? Easy as...eating? Perhaps i should said blinking your eyes. LOL
I wish bubu was here, surely he'll get selected as Mr CLEAN START as well.
Anyway, Dermalogica...thanks a lot for the day.




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