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Sorry baby, I know it hurts.

Mr Sun, im so so so sorry for billion trillion times.
At the moment right now, i really dont know what can i say to replace back the words i've broke into pieces.

I know i've broke my promise.
I know you dont like the job im doing.
I know you dont like any of my competition.
I know you dont like the field im working in right now.
I know you dont like any exposure im having now or future.
I know you want a ordinary girlfriend, as you did mention when we started since the first day.

But this time,
The pay is high, therefore i broke my promise and work.
Im emo at that time, so when i receive the call while im having afternoon nap i confirm the job immediately without having any discussion with you.
I choose to tell you without hiding or lying.

I know you are so worry about me right now.
I know you dont hate me or angry me right now, but you were upset right now.
I know you might be thinking why must i broke my promises because of that super high pay they offer instead of thinking how you feel.
I know you are hurt and its pain.

But now,
You should know, job like this never pop out everyday.
You should know, my lifetime in this field will be limited for period also
I have promised you, this is not gonna be my future career.
I really feel that money is important, its not for spending but a saving for my future.
For now...i promised you that
I will go against my admire because of you
But now...i cant promised you that
I will go against my job because of you
Its not because i dont love you baby but i hope that you will understand that this is me when u first met.
I promised that before and i know, but now i dont hope to lie you with what im doing but i say im not. I thought i could but end up...i cant. Sorry~
For sure...I wont leave you just because what and who i've met during working.
What i want, i really know and im sure.
If something that might tear us apart, is either with the overload problem or promises you made but you are still lying me. You know what im saying right?
Love you, now and always...




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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