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I Miss My MILO So Much!!!

I am a typical Miloan and i bet that most of you guys do know if you followed my Twitter or Facebook. Without Milo i could be dead or something.

Every morning, there must be a milo with me in my tummy to bright me the day.
Every afternoon, it will be my drinks for the Hi-tea time.
Every night, i will need something to put me to bed and there it warm my tummy up!

When the mouth is itchy, there i scoop it into bowl and eat it, or maybe with bread! Yum-May~
When in PMS, it will get serious of drinking Milo. (if only im having problem with the tummy)

Maybe you guys thought there is nothing wrong to drink milo but i drank my milo in 3/4 of water and 1/2 milo powder without any milk or blah! THAT'S THE PROBLEM.

Bubu get shocked and start to warn me not to drink it. I don't know whether isit true or not, he said that milo powder will stick in your lung or somewhere causing blah blah blah. Hmmnnnn...any idea?

Stop Milo-ing for about 2 week, it was ok at first...till yesterday. Im having gastric, stomachache all at once. Normally Milo is warm enough to calm my tummy down but yesterday, the house don't even have one single scoop of MILO!!! Im stuck. From hungry to gastric. I stil got no idea what to eat, im lazy to cook in the middle of the night that's why.... XD

I used to study at Jalan Ipoh during my high school time, there's a mamak which is kinda famous among that area "UMA RANI". Every people never gave negative comments about their milo. Believe or not, that's a fact. During holiday tuition period, there's a guy who always get me a packet of milo before i went to sweet. So i wonder a lot how coud they made such nice Milo but not me (because i tried at home few time), so he stalk on the workers how they mix it. Whoosh~4 scoop of Milo and 1 teaspoon of condense milk.

There i got the secret recipe...

Now~its morning...i am suppose to slurrrp my Milo don't have any! any! any of them!
Just because i stop my whole family buying it even we pass by and its in discount price.





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