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Boyfriend VS Ex Boyfriend

If you ever thought that your Ex is better than your friend, clear off your mind quick!
It was totally wrong!!! Dont brainwash yourself by giving shit ass excuses like me.
Yeah, cant admit that he might be a good boyfriend for you but this is all because he's with you.
When he said bye bye or you did, nah~wake up lol

I was wondering, if he was a good boyfriend, it will never happen to ba EX boyfriend right?

Today, is the suckest day i ever had. My car broke down while im planning to go for movie after class with friend. After found out it was causing by the dried up battery, so i was stunt, but luckily im not broke down in the middle of the road, is when im heading to get my car it couldnt be start. So i was kinda stuck at the car park, my mind appeared alot of stuff like "how do to that jump start thingie?" "what kinda thing i need now?" "whos nearby me"

So the last question appeared in my mind was my ex. So i gave a call to him. He claim that he's gonna work at 1pm and that time i called it was 11am. So i beg a bit that if it was ok for him to come around to lend me a hand...Ahah! Thing started change! That shit ass giving reason like "huh..." "I got to work...lah" "time not enough...lah" It was obviously when people dont feel like helping, they will start talking with words ending "hah" "lah" "meh"...etc
He was obviously one of them. Im glad to know him now clearly even its kinda late that he is my ex now not only happen to be friend.

Fine...i'll do it my own. But the pissing part is...he ask me "where is your boyfriend?"
Holly shit~im not retarded gal ok. (was wondering if he was one of the retarded guy...)
Since you were staying at SS2 and working at Hilton now, whats wrong with lending me your kind hand instead of asking my boyfriend who was working at Setapak have to rush and give his boss stupid reason that his girlfriend car broke down.

If he was a good guy(he treat me not very bad i mean, but things change at the end) we will never end in that situation of asking me to be his "underground" girlfriend after broke up and telling me shit ass reason and excuses, but the main point is he's having a "open air" girlfriend which is in Melbourne watching his ass right behind but he dare not telling me the fact. Guess he was those Mr Lonely that cant stand a shitty lonely moment. Owh~pity him. That's why friend often see him in club flirts like a duck. Oppsie~pardon me. Maybe people do have their look to do so, he should be proud? Hmnnn~guess he is.

There was once, i have a car accident. A small stuff that dont worth a shit. Non of my part get crack or whatever, but that fat ass wanna claim for 1k for his motor scratch. I FARK HIM SURELY! So that time, i rang him up (he was my bf that time). From Pj to Cheras, he only took less than 20 mins to arrive (imagine how fast and efficient he is). This is what i thanks him for, but today i see disappointment. Maybe this is happen when things change, im not his gf anymore right? So...what can i demand. Just a friend help...but that bitchy guy who count on every single shit cant even give a little penny help.

Owh god~if you could heard what im saying right now. Please cut all the bitch guys dick off. He dont worth wearing it "externally" acting "man"


World Peace


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