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What a Fight!

Yesterday is my bad mood ever, i swear! Before my test, we have a short chat thru phone, thought it will calm me down from my test and then it doesn't! We caught into a fight. Maybe i should said i started it. I get kinda stress and BOOM~ Normally i will let him know when i reached home, but not for yesterday. He get to know is because of FACEBOOK (lol, it seems helpful)
Heart was fighting not to talk to him, even he called few times i also didn't picked up. Msn i also ignore. Now think back, im so evil...
Make him suffer from that.
But when couple fight, im sure there are some majority did the same like me. They go against their heart and do something that is insane. Just like yesterday, when he called i was like about to pick it up but then suddenly realise "ya horr, we was in a fight" so i just left my phone ringing all by its own.

Then...i went out for movie. Without informing and just go. Now he get piss. I watch the movie that he wanted to watch with me and he told me before the movie was showing. My movie plan still goes on but my mood was totally screwed up! Without any dinner, i went home after movie.

Give him a call thought everything it will be ok, but no! Someone is daring me! Fark! Oh very fine Mr Sun. Then the whole night we non stop having FB war (wow! now u see how good is FB, even argue also no need to waste money talking on the phone) and cold war. All call are hang up by not saying bye (sounds femiliar to you huh?)

I did apologize for my emo-ness but then apa pulak. Its his turn to be emo and F me like shit. Owh god~if he was just right in front me i swear i will jump up and knock his head pull his hair and turn him upside down. (thinking, can i?) So we just kept on F each other in phone and daring each other and see who's gonna win. That bastard, i dare him to remove the status he did even did it! End up i cry like shit and he tell me cry doesn't solve anything. OMG!!! Since when my Bubu turn to some sort of animal???

I cry like hell and just went bed earlier. I swear im not gonna wait for his call tonight!
I slept at 11pm, around 12.50am, i saw something in my inbox "I LOVE YOU DUMBO" but due to i was really exhausted and shooting is on tomorrow. I dint reply~there he call. Im half awake answering question and scolding him for removing the status. Later part i don't really remember what i've said, im blur~ He told me he ask wanna patch back with me but i answer no while i was half awake. Hmnn~i against my heart again.

When couple get to understand each other more and get longer to be together, they may get unused to the situation. Every new thing is the best even honeymoon. But when back from honeymoon, the whole house gonna be cold and in was status. What's the reason to caught in a fight? For guys, they might be throwing cloths everywhere, left newspaper all over, unwashed dishes and stuff. For gals, hmnnnn~shop too much? FB too much? Lol~

Till the noon we were still blaming each other on phone, situation was much more better than yesterday because at least we talk.

After bringing all the problems into discussion, there he said "I wanna be your Bubu"
How could i resist this worr, right?
I decided~stay peace and in love.
Yes, you are my Bubu...always.

p/s: thanks everyone foe concerning and comment in facebook. We solve it, we did it =)




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