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Happily and excited i get selected to work as P1 wimax ambassador during PC FAIR II

According to agent, client is damn strict! This i've already found out since the day i attend my interview. If not mistaken, pay from them was the top 2 or 3 among the wole pc fair, but...job scope is much more than others. Not carrying stuff la i mean but u have to pull sales as well. All the other 3 ambassador was surprise to know that! Because normally what ambassador do were only giving out fliers and pose to shoot. HELL YEAH! I have to got fully brand knowledge and assist promoter close sales. STRESS! Normally i see gals working in pc fair have plenty of time for thier meal and camwhore...but not me! I just have to agree u received more, u work more! Is that a good thing? Well~depends!

So this is the only pic i done for my self camwhore...NO TIME!
Actually i kinda like this uniform, at least unlike some weirdo.
AYI, standing wholeday with this pair of boot really hurting all of the gals! Its not the matter of the height of the heels but the bottom part aint fully support! Every step u step on it will cause u suffering...

Renee and me....some say that she look alike ZHONG KAR YAN the tvb actress
is some angle...its true!

even this pic also took at the last day after sad T.T

another brand ambassador Yvonne. Love her hair style n colour alot!
There suppose to be another gal but because of standing to far, dint have the chance to take pic together.

the new product of P1 WIMAX---wiggy!
"pls touch my wiggy" is printed on every promoter tee-shirts

job scope 1
promote and brief customer details

job scope 2

gving out baloon to attract customer or to make gals happy!

job scope 3
no standing to near with the gals and chat, and give out flyers

job scope 4
pose for the camera

job scope 5
giving out paper bag. Damn piss and feel like laughing while the bag does not contain any free gift, but everyone is willing to wait and grab that. Especially...kaum M!

So here are some pic to share during the fair ^^
ENJOY peeps~

the competitors of P1 WIMAX,,,,maxis!

the survivor~ with da unbeatable heart

another cute photog with me~

AYI, working there many customer wanna take pic with u and some they may CHAO SUI. For whom may feel like working in PC FAIR, pls take care urself and SAY NO or PUSH THEIR HAND AWAY! No AFRAID! Is not u the one who gonna be embaress or fired! IS them who take their self "facey" at risk!

love this pic !
With da smile on my face, how much do u know about how painful were we? Standing whole day, time to have meal are not long so we just dint took our lunch and dinner at all. U can obviously feel that we were slimmer day by day. But we did learn during this fair...this is what we cant deny.

the happy tiff in the fair!


dannyOnE said...

looks gorgoues~ :)

tiffany tan said...

thanx a lot =)



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