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THX to Mr. Calvin alot...he fetch me around to search for my UNI all the day. Kinda exhausted u know, every UNI one by one, 5 in a day...just many counsellor im gonna meet in a day? and gotta hear their mother story which is long but can help me to decide. Some idiot counsellor is so freaking ass hole. He explain like dint explain at all....especially MONASH. Giving those LCLY face...WTH!
okay...forget those emo stories...back to the foodie!
this...the well known fish ball mee at Jln DAYTON. All fish ball were self made and no preservative...but still DIONK~ DIONK~
What i don't really like is...the wantee mee got some smell i don't really like. Aisk~
After the wan tan fish ball mee...Calvin suddenly call Michael after i mention about duck. Oh god~they plan to go SEA PARK all the way from CHERAS just to eat that DUCK! If not mistaken its name was RISING SUN. Compare to its competitors "LONG FUNG", this is special which they had herb taste...
with 2 rice and 3 herbal bill is around rm28

now this is what KENT will usually bought before entering the cinema. I don't usually eat junks u know...but he made me kinda in love with this lately after im used to his movie-ing style and his used to my....ICE LEMON TEA W/O ICE....LOL

the dunno what day again~calvin bought me to SEA PARK again to tried the PORRIDGE

it is some kinda 8poh porridge which mix all of the ingredient like mushroom, meat and stuff....but i guess too many seasoning thats why making me so thirsty after having it. I still prefer the natural taste^^

and this happen in another day again...SEAN took me for movie and before that his craving for nasi we went to MADAM KWAN's to had our dinner
never loved rice at all due to its super high carbohydrate, but this damn nasi lemak made me feel like finish it all....even though its Sean's one.

Acat and its sambal were damn nice!!! try it peeps~

And here's mine...
3 kind of colours rice serve with fried chic, asam prawn and beef
lets say bout the chic, even if its after fried it still remain tender and juicy in its taste, YUM! For the asam prawn, the sour and spice will not covered its true taste. As u guys may found that some dishses u just can only feel spicy but nth. all time favourite! In this rendang style...ICHIBAN!




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