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Lisence renew that u cant run

AUG 10, 2009
License actually expire for more than a month...until lately my parents remember it.
I was force to renew it. DARN~hate to step my feet in the gov services place...
Reason...all the Chinese should know that clearly i guess...
Being mumble by my mum for few day, then she get fed up with me and tell my dad
U know, dad was the strictest peep i met, what to do? follow lah
Since he used 4 hours to lecture me about the effect driving without license, i get stunt!
I can be caught la, i could be in jail la...that time don't beg him let me out if i bang anyone without valid license...oh gosh~
Fine! After lazy two days...i went to cheras to renew it.
So i get 539....lets see what the no. for now...
WHAT! 453....means there is nearly 100 to go...

waiting Que was HUGE! U might cant find place to sit due seat for u. Ahah~
I've been waited so unwilling there! Turning here and there to see all people around...boring

and now! I found something~im wearing shorts! I guess i shouldn't do that is GOV place rite?
Since...i feel like im against the law...LOL
am i a Malay? NO!
The whole damn process too me around 1hours more. For ur info, pls dont go when lunch time is near or just end, there only have 2 staff working while others had gone for lunch. OH GOD~




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