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AUG 13, 2009

Sean seldom have free day for me, his so damn busy with his business and i always yelling for his last min but in the same time i accept that...just don't like the last min way. So this freaky week he bring me movie for 2 days continuous. IM SHOCK!

Rush for movie again after he pick me up...was heading to the new TROPICANA CITY MALL that i always wanted to. Took DUKE thought it will be faster but darn...haven't reach already stuck at MRR2. Feeling stuck er~u guys cant imagine how much i HATE JAM. I wont even deal with it, i rather get summons or whatever but not jam. That's why...i will use emergency lane or kept left-right-left-right to skip the jam. If the driver don't do so, i will feeling more worse...sick and scolding non stop in the car for those bastard who cause jam!

Don't u guys feel weird, the road were there and nothing happen, just more car after working hours but the traffic light still works, WTF is happening there? IS STUCK on the road but not JAM u know? Flow should be going slower than usual but not stop rite? Owh~drivers! WAKE UP~are u the one who causes us to stuck there? DON'T EVER BE KEPOCHI WHEN THERE IS CAR ACCIDENT! MIND UR OWN BUSINESS LA DUMB ASS~

U use ur eyes to watch and stop for few second, did u help out? NO rite? so MOVE UR ASS!

Finally, we are at DUKE now! Seeing sunshine and flying on the road~whee!

Luckily it was THURSDAY, no one grab those tix in this new mall. I guess most of u guys have watched it rite? So I'm not gonna waste my time to blog bout it and its also outdated jorr...

Seriously, i love the ending very much. I think that's what gal will like when everything goes happily ever after because we hope that happen to us too^^

Recalling memory back...
This is the few scene which i really had fun and in loved with it

when they were creating the stories how they been into this relationship...both were trying to broke each other leg and hands but end up...they make it to super touching stories

when she hates the dog alot, she save the dog but lost her fone...can u imagine she throw her fone to the air? IPHONE eh~

wahah~that state culture for pre wedding women
that guy really....make me speechless...

this is the scene that makes me laugh until i lost control in the cinema
the boobs is too small until granny cant find for it? LOLx

After movie is already 10pm+ and we haven't get our dinner yet but the shop is closing soon~
so we rush to dinner and plan to finish it using 30mins time
So we choose this because its the nearest to the cinema
the shop name sounds japie but then, they were more taiwanie...

decor that hide!


since i don't feel like eating supper so he eat alone...muahaha
AYI, i love seeing ppl eat but i don't eat...XD
he pick GONG POH CHIC...
i taste 1 bite, not bad but its not super tasty la

on the way home, cant live without CHOC CHOC again~
Starbucks hot choc with cream n xtra choc powder...whee!




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